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November 4, 2013

Do not be afraid to try again.

— Posted by Bud Boomer


I’m willing to bet that it’s been far too long since you last watched a nice, decent, intelligent, qualitative, sweet, heartwarming and hilarious comedy. ‘Enough Said’ is a movie made for a nice cozy evening of lovers, couples, families, friends or even a single night with a glass of wine. Enough Said is a story like no other, and at the same time a story, similar to every story every passing stranger could tell you. It is a story of embracement, consideration, returning hope, restoring fate and giving a second chance to love.

In the Enough Said movie, the central heroine is a charming masseuse named Eve, who is getting older, yet is still full of vital energy and maintains optimism in her life while adjusting to the changes that come with. Her daughter has left for college and she recently went through a divorce that was disastrous for her and for her self-esteem. Divorces are always difficult, and Eve’s is an almost classical example of a draining, nauseating divorce.
Enough Said is a movie about joy. It preaches joy of life, joy of second chances, joy of unexpected accident and surprises, joy of love. The predictability of comedies like Enough Said, is when the miraculous fix happens seemingly from nowhere, and in this film it’s when Eve gets an invitation to the most boring party, where she makes and interesting acquaintance named Albert. He has an exceptional sense of humor, he is straightforward, kind, smart and totally delightful who is essentially a depiction of everything she ever dreamed of and they start dating. While trying to figure out what she feels and what the future might be, Eve meets one of her old clients, a good friend, a respectable woman Eve have always idolized. In every conversation this woman refers to her ex-husband, a man she was appalled by so deeply, that the happiest thing of their marriage was their divorce. It does not take long for Eve to understand, that her friend is complaining about no one else, but her beloved Albert.


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