The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer looks pretty Awesome


I’m sure that many of you have seen the poster above that hints at the start of the “Sinister Six” storyline from the Spider-Man comics. Before we only had confirmation that Electro would be the villain in the film and there was speculation that the Rhino would appear. From the poster and from the trailer below, it confirms that Spider-Man will be taking on three villains in the next film and from the looks of the trailer, I think they may pull it off. Take a look below.


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Wow, that trailer does the “Amazing” in the title justice. Electro with the added CGI effects looks a lot better than I had expected him to look. From what I can tell, it looks like the Green Goblin will be played by Harry (Dane DeHaan) and not Norman (Chris Cooper) from the profile of the character seen in the trailer. It looks like Harry and Peter may have a relationship similar to Clark and Lex on the TV series Smallville (for those that have watched the show), meaning that they’re friends but Harry has an obsession with the mysteries surrounding Peter. What do you all think of the trailer? Has this changed your expectations of the film?

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