Bryan Singer Tweets Next X-Men Film involves Apocalypse


X-Men and Apocalypse…is it actually happening?!?! That’s what many are speculating due to a tweet from Director Bryan Singer today. There’s not much to the tweet but for those true comic book fans out there, the connection is pretty strong.




From the Tweet we can speculate that the next X-Men film will include Apocalypse but the question is how will he be included. My wishful thinking and many others speculations lead to the plot following the Age of Apocalypse comic book storyline due to the time traveling in the upcoming film and the alternate future that is presented in the comic book. The Age of Apocalypse is the storyline that I grew extremely attached to growing up on comics and if the speculation is true, then I’m going to have a fangasm. While that story may be the most popular involving Apocalypse, there are many others involving the villain that could be tied into the film, they just aren’t as interesting. One thing we do know is that Singer rarely follows the source material from beginning to end, so even if it is the story we want, it will still be his own inception.

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