A Few Films I’m Looking Forward to Before the Year Ends


2013 is almost over and 2014 is right around the corner, but before the year ends I’d like to share a few films that I’m looking forward to before we ring in the new year. Here are a list of a few films that I’m anticipating for the end of 2013.




Her is a film from Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) starring the talented yet obscure, Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix with Jonze is a very volatile combination due to his range as an actor and Jonze’s unorthodox yet creative screenwriting. The film has the very unique premise of a man falling in love with an artificially created companion that is nothing more than a voice. I think that the film may also be touching upon our own society’s loss of social interaction as many fall into the reclusive void of technology. I think this film is at the top of my anticipated films for 2013.


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Lone Survivor


This is a little unfair since I’ve already seen the film, but since I’m obligated by the studio to hold my review, I will say “informally” that I think many will enjoy Lone Survivor. It is based on a true story and has a pretty solid cast that fit into their roles well. True stories always seem to get an audience more involved, especially ones that are filled with suspense and danger. Keep this film on your radar and we’ll post the review as soon as we can :)


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American Hustle


A film directed by David O. Russell with an A-List cast, how can this film go wrong? While this meets the formula for a good film, I’m still skeptical. Look at The Counselor for instance, while it had the makings for success, it was not reviewed positively by many critics nor audiences. Despite the chance that this may be a force-fed, must see film, I still want to see it. With the cast and the director, this film must be given a shot.

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One thought on “A Few Films I’m Looking Forward to Before the Year Ends

  1. Ryan, Thank you for sharing this incredible post. After reading through even I feel inspired to watch these movies before bidding adieu to the year 2013 and welcoming the new year 2014.

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