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Attending a different soiree every night is not unheard of in London, and there are times however when the only ‘activity’ we really want to partake in is ‘nothing’. This mindset usually settles with catching up on a number of great TV shows to indulge in this summer repeat season.


Starring Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson and directed by the renowned producer Terence Winter, boardwalk empire is just one of the indulgences we are talking about. So far the series has picked up an impressive 12 Emmy Awards and the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, so we have a feeling it’s a pretty good watch.


Set in the times of the prohibition era, this period drama focuses on re-enacting the life and actions of Enoch L- Jonson, better known as ‘Nucky’. Throughout screening, mobsters, common folk, government agents and politicians run riot on our screens, showcasing bootlegging and other unlawful activities taking place in the local area.


Despite being a powerful politician and the undeniable ruler of Atlantic City, Nucky has a dark side and more often than not he’s portrayed as dabbling in the gangster lifestyle himself.


Another series taking our TV screens by storm is the fantasy epic taken from George RR Martin’s original novels. Season three has recently called a wrap, with the crew now setting the stage for season four but you can watch game of thrones at HBO UK. A ruthless drama that is said to be following in the footsteps of Sopranos in terms of success, the production intertwines a total of several plot lines all of which relate to the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos.


Game of Thrones boasts an international following and has been awarded widespread praise from critics. The obscure characters journey far and wide to reveal matters of social hierarchy, crime, civil war, punishment and religion.


Due to its phenomenal success, Game of Thrones has received the biggest budget in the fantasy genre yet. This one seems like one of these two would be an almost obvious starting point for a well deserved night of ‘nothing’.



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About Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson is a telly addict from London. Juggling a hectic work schedule with family life, there’s nothing Kevin loves more on the evenings than to unwind in front of the tube with all his favourite shows on HBO; follow it up with some popcorn and it’s the perfect escape for an ideal evening in!

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