New Plot Details Revealed and other Surprises in this Brand New Trailer for World War Z


From the previous trailers for World War Z we’ve seen a very high level view of what to expect with the film. We’ve seen a world overrun with zombies (or whatever they’re calling them in the film) but we haven’t seen much character development or plot details until this recent trailer that just released today. Take a look below and tell us what you think.



Although there are many details that still have yet to be revealed, it is nice to see a more intimate character perspective with this trailer. I’m assuming Pitt’s character is some sort of scientist or doctor but that is still speculation since they haven’t specifically stated what role he will play, but we do know that he plays an essential role in saving the world. I thought the plane scene at the end was another strong visual aesthetic but even with Pitt’s character being attacked head-on, I still can’t get a clear visual on what these zombies fully look like. The little girl ducking down unharmed amidst the stampede also has me wondering if this film will play out similar to I Am Legend where some people are resistant to the infection and the cure possibly lies in their blood? Lots to discuss here, tell us your thoughts.

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