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July 31, 2012

Watch Bond come back to life in the new Skyfall trailer!

— Posted by Erik


Having recently escorted the queen of England to the olympics Daniel Craig’s next appearance as Bond certainly has a leg up when it comes to publicity. With Skyfall just a few months away we are treated to this excellent trailer showcasing all the things that make Bond the premier gentleman spy.



Trains, chicks, Q and a dare I say more classic Bond villain in Javier Bardem. What more can we ask for?

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  • NYCKing

    Craig is simply the best bond of my generation, hands down. I grew up with Brosnan’s, but Craig just surpasses him completely in terms of bad-assery.

    Casino Royale was amazing, Quantum Of Solace was okay, but this looks to be out-standing.

    I hope it’s not a trilogy and that this is not the last time we’ll see Craig in the role. I’m thinking maybe he can squeeze in a fourth.

    • TMBErik

      @NYCKing With you all the way, need more Craig Bond movies!

      Alltho I was always partial to Roger Moore growing up never did care much for Brosnan : )

    • dRadnev

      @NYCKing The editing of Quantum Solace was terrible. Casino Royale is another beer though. Let’s hope the new one will be good.

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