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January 6, 2012

This trailer for Chronicle reminds me that I want superpowers too

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

You know when you were a kid and the first time you saw Superman? How about the Hulk? If you were anything like me you spent a good amount of time trying to re-create the events of waaay too many superhero characters’ origins in order to gain their uncanny abilities. But just what if somehow it happened, and you had exceptional powers that set you apart from the rest of society. Great power to do amazing things. What if…

YES! That’s exactly what I would do! Sure by the time I was a late teenager I had given up on my search for radioactive spiders and gamma rays, and if I had found them I probably wouldn’t sing along with any upbeat pop songs referencing “Bling Bling” but this found footage film clip perfectly illustrates what most young adults I know would do with super powers. Screw that nonsense with those dorks in leather tights, the teenagers I know would not interested with that heroics nonsense. No, they would screw with the minds of teachers, cheat at beer pong, and find out how to see some girls’ underwear. Hell if drunk enough I can certainly see some assholes taking a trip off a cliff.

Maybe I shouldn’t have given up on that spider hunt. Foolish, foolish me.

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  • PatarNoster

    Okay this movie is weird, it reminds me of of the Japanese anime from 1988 called Akira, seriously look it up its pretty much the idea with out the psychedelic environment

    - P

    • glaucon

      What’s with all the Akira references? Talk about a perpetually over-hyped bad flick.
      If anything, this trailer reminds me of the TV show Heroes (before it went very wrong…).

  • Mr Hoopla

    Life would be so much easier with super powers. I am really excited about this movie, I feel like it is coming out of nowhere.

  • Azizan Yatim

    you, sir, have a very strong point. if something like this were to happen, I would drop my guitar and cassettes back in the day and go hunt me some radioactive spiders! or get zapped by Gamma rays or meteor shower and what not.

  • Remembermars

    At first I thought it was going to be Akira.

  • glaucon

    Exactly right.
    I haven’t heard anything about this flick, but so far that looks amazing.
    Very well done.

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