Happy Birthday David!

I have long dreamt of replacing myself and all writers on TheMovieBlog with a more efficient work force unhindered by pesky human flaws! Imagine the possibilities.

If Ripley taught us anything aside from things-popping-out-through-your-ribcage being a bad thing it’s that you shouldnt trust these sneaky androids. Unless they are named Bishop.


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  • KneonTransitt

    His love is real. He is not.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/thecultofpop MattMitchell

    This is a great clip. After having said he can do things other humans find unethical, I was expecting him to answer “nothing” but he started to cry. A humanoid that can carry out heartless deeds and pretend to feel emotions, pretty creepy.

  • http://judymoodymovie.com TMBErik

    I find him terrifying, when he starts crying… man that is just freaky

  • PanayiotisVerropoulos

    Michael Fassbender is sooo convincing as this humanoid robot that it’s actually kind of scary!