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December 11, 2012

Behold! The Man of Steel trailer #2

— Posted by Elliot Hopper




I assume that this is what will be attached to The Hobbit once it comes out this Friday. In a word, wow. I love the look, I love the feel that is being presented here from the Snyder/Nolan combo camp. (Whatever you want to call it.) The “wow” might be hyperbole for some but, for me, I come from the side that loved what Nolan did with the Batman universe and now we have his subtle hand in the restructuring of Superman and where he fits.



I have to assume that there is a plan as D.C. inches closer and closer to a potential Justice League movie. I want consistency. With the Batman franchise, or Nolan’s saga of Bruce Wayne being over (or not), it’s another question of where DC goes on from here in respect to how things are presented. However before all that even happens, first we have to see what happens to the ‘Man of Steel’ when it finally lands in 2013.



I think the trailer might be polarizing for some. Some might say we already had this with Singer’s Superman Returns, with the ‘realistic’ tone. Some might enjoy that aspect as it’s a more grounded Superman lore, and it plays to the nature of “Where does Superman fit in today’s society?”; as well as if he could fit and do we accept him. That’s both an idea of sensibility and reality. Then some might want more of what The Avengers did, a more ‘comic book’ approach, where a foreign enemy appears and Superman who is loved by all just goes in and takes care of business. I would say the latter is the easiest approach, big box office draw and you’re set with sequels to come. My vision of this film is one thing and it’s also just one man’s opinion. All I know is this trailer gets me excited. I figured after Suckerpunch, Snyder was going to be ‘make or break’ in respect to his next film. It was a curious thought to me that perhaps he’s at his best when he’s just directing versus him being a director plus being responsible for the source material (aka Suckerpunch). All the marketing thus far for Man of Steel has without a doubt been - purposeful. The poster with Superman in handcuffs, this relatively shock and awe trailer in respect to what it’s presenting. It’s all trying to get the audience ready saying “this isn’t going to be your normal Superman movie.”



If you’ve made it through my babble here, let us know your thoughts below! Does this get you excited? Did you have enough with Nolan’s Batman? Are they finally doing something actually worthwhile with Superman? Etc.



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Anthony_TMB moderator

It seems 'OK'. It certainly doesn't seem "bad", but it's way too early to tell. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of the film focusing on the aspect of Kal trying to find his place in the world. I hope he doesn't spend too much time brooding from place to place with heroics sprinkled in between, BUT there certainly is potential for something amazing in this trailer.


Not enough there to make any kind of determination as far as I'm concerned.

Been fooled by trailers too many times. I'm cautiously hopeful I guess.


looks cool, but then so did the sucker punch trailer. I want this to be good because I thought the previous superman movies were a bit lame. Guess i'll just have to wait and see how it pans out.


@salatyork The difference is Snyder wrote and directed Sucker Punch, he didn't write Man of Steel. I think Snyder's body of work solely as a director is pretty solid, and based on this trailer he looks to have topped himself...


1:52... kneeling before Zod???


I really love how the movie "feels" so far. it looks beautiful, and the music is compelling (I wonder if its part of the actual score or not) but Im very impressed so far with what Snyder has shown us. Im digging the approach in terms of handling the origin. Its not Smallville, yet we seem to get a little more background into young Clark dealing with his powers. I wonder if this will be a chronological linear story line or if it will jump back and forth a little, I am guessing the latter. Superman looks excellent, the effects look great and that quick shot of Zod looked straight menacing. My excitement level just went to 11.

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