Peter Cullen returning for Transformers 4


In what should fall somewhere into the “no-shit” category of posts for the day the clearly predicted inclusion of Peter Cullen returning to the Transformers franchise for the 4th entry to voice Optimus Prime has been confirmed by Michael Bay. Cullen has been voicing Optimus since the 80’s and as far as I’m concerned is this franchises’ good luck charm. The news comes from Movie Pilot:


There was some concern about the fate of the legendary Autobot among fans when it was announced that Transformers 4 could have a whole new cast with Cullen himself not knowing if he would be back for Part 4. However when asked in the interview if Cullen’s Prime would be featured in the new movie, Bay responded:

Of course! Of course!

When asked during this year’s Comic-Con about Peter Cullen’s not knowing about whether he would be reappearing in the 2014 movie, Bay had had nothing but reverence for the actor, saying:

Listen, when I heard his voice, it gave me chills.


Great. We’re all in agreement. You ditch Cullen and you ditch me. POINT, BLANK, PERIOD!


Via: Movie Pilot



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