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February 16, 2011

What’s next for Dan Radcliffe?

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

Daniel Radcliffe is in a tough spot. He’s lived and breathed Harry Potter throughout most of his childhood and as the series is closing he’s at the point where he needs to choose the direction of the rest of his career, post H.P., and the good people at CinemaBlend have found the details on his next role.


After completing work on the thriller The Woman In Black, he’ll head off to the indie world for a quirky comedy about photography. Adapted from his own novel, Christopher Monger, the man who wrote HBO’s recent award-winning Temple Grindin, will direct Radcliffe in The Amateur Photographer. According to Variety, the film is set in New England in the 70s and is the story of an unlikely shutterbug chosen by the locals to film their more important moments.

I’m fond of Radcliffe as he’s been a part of my cinema life for the past decade or so and I’d like to to see more of him after Harry Potter. He’s going to have a hard time separating himself from Harry Potter but he’s really making an effort to explore his craft whether it’s the movie “The Woman in Black” or his nude endeavors in the play “Equus”. I have a genuine interest in where he decides to take his career and hope he’s able to avoid falling into obscurity which will be an uphill battle. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing his performances in his next few films that don’t involve him waving a wand.

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  • Pedro

    He could always borrow Rupert Grinch’s Ice-Cream Van and sell cones for a living.

  • Ryan

    If anyone’s seen any of the comedy stuff he’s done…. clearly, that’s where his future’s at.

  • Danny

    All three of the main kids are that spot where they are coming off of the high from their initial success. Assuming that want to keep acting not only will they need to make good choices but its also gonna come down to the movie makers to no stick type cast them (just as they themselves need to keep from being type cast). I would really like to see the guy who plays Weasley take off on a nice post HP career (if fo no other reason that I can call him something other than “the guy who plays Weasley”).

    They are about to approach a pretty rough patch in their careers. A rough patch that a lot of young actors never made it out of.

  • Roman

    hes too short cant take him seriously.

    • 420BAND

      Damn dude! that’s harsh. :)

      maybee he’ll sell used cars in about 5 yrs?

      • 420BAND

        For the record though: I think he’ll do better than Frodo and I like the kid as an actor.

      • Roman

        Its the truth though. We all have these subcontious traits that we look for in leading roles. Strong presense etc etc. He was a perfect Harry Potter he fit the role well for me, but when I see how short he is, like when he was hooking up with Jenny W. in the flicks I just go how is he going to be a leading man. Tom Cruise can pull it off because he does action sometimes and he just has that swagger, Daniel R, may be a good actor but for some people you don’t pass the eye test you don’t get a second chance.
        Your doppleganger brought up Elijah Wood, guy is a good actor but what has he seriously done outside of playing a short person/hobbit other than when he was a kid actor (NORTH FTW BTW).

  • Xilpaxim

    He is in the unique position to be able to sell himself because of the HP movies. Now he just needs to make good choices, which I think has been the downfall of many child actors.

  • Steven

    Invest your money wisely, retire, travel, have lots of sex with beautiful women. That’s what I’d do at least.

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