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February 14, 2011

Tupac movie filming in summer

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

Like him, or hate him, Tupac Amaru Shakur was a very successful music artist. As a result, (as is the case with most famous musicians that passed at the height of their career), there is a movie based on his life being produced with director Antoine Fuqua, (Tears of the Sun, Brooklyn’s Finest), attached to helm the picture. The movie has been floating in and out of “production hell” for a while and it seems that the movie is finally moving into a much more appreciable setting as Dark Horizons reports that Fuqua is ready to begin filming this summer.
Dark Horizons
Principal photography is scheduled to begin in late Spring/early Summer on the biopic “Tupac” according to press release issued by Morgan Creek Productions today.

The film chronicles the life and legacy of Tupac Shakur, including his rise to superstardom as a hip hop artist and actor, as well as his imprisonment and prolific, controversial time at Death Row Records, where he was steeped in the East coast/West coast rap war.

Tupac’s life was entrenched in controversy with most people highlighting and focusing on the star’s many differences and “beef” with other hip hop artists, including Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. His controversy often led to success as he actually released an album from prison that became the #1 album on Billboard charts in 1994.

Tupac is unquestionably my favorite hip hop artist and was also a budding and acclaimed actor, so I look forward to see how things will progress from here. I have mixed feelings about this movie being produced but mainly because I would hate to see his legacy muddied with a bad film. Originally the movie was going to focus on the last day of Tupac’s life but it will instead touch on his entire career which suggests that there will be some tough decisions to make when it comes to his many hip hop feuds.

Musicians themselves lead very interesting, if not disastrous, lifestyles and hope that this upcoming movie joins the greats. Anyone else looking forward to a movie about 2-Pac?

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  • Draftdayinc

    Look I liked Biggie, but I am a Tupac guy! why hater gotta block our sunshine!! Biggie had his movie and no fault to biggie himself but the shit was wack!!!! Why? because his legacy is bigger than his Career!!!! They have college course on Pac, Movies, Books and so many albums! His career is ever unfolding, rewriting his legacy with every new song, poem, unseen footage, civil rights activist and many scripts he wrote! His death alone over shadows biggie!!! imagine if he had a funneral…..scores of people would have been there!!! Elvis,The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Tupac……you have to be a legend to have a legacy biggie fan! remember yall picked this fight!! LOL

  • Killuminati

    when will the film be released?????

  • 2pac lova

    “hate him or love him? fuck you for even presenting hating as an alternative. biiitch

    • Anthony

      some people just don’t know a good thing til it’s gone.

  • messiah

    i hope they dont flop this 1 like notorious

  • kaltron


  • kaltron


  • Blaze

    The movie shouldn’t be based on his last day alone, it should be like notorious but from pacs point of view! No muddying up his story either, just make it as close to the man as possible!

    R.I.P Tupac

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