Tucker and Dale versus Evil Redband Trailer Online

Tucker and Dale versus Evil has been on my radar since I read a SXSW review of the film. The film looks awesome, and I can’t wait to see it.

Maple Pictures had a release date over a year and a half ago, but that still didn’t see it on retail shelves or even Netflix. Sad. But now thanks to Magnolia Pictures and Magnet releasing, getting an on demand release August 28th and Theatrical release on September 30th!

This has so much buzz on the film festival circuit that I am very surprised it is taking this long for this to graduate to a full release.

I have had this poster on my wall for a year now. This has to happen NOW!

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  • Bernard

    I seen this film. Its funny and original.

  • Matt

    I feel like this could actually be good. Tyler Labine is a hilarious dude and Canadian. I’ve also enjoyed Alan Tudyk in many other comedies. But mostly I like how they’ve sorta flipped the traditional horror films of this style. Crazies living in a secluded shack in the woods and some teens come and get slashed.

    Some movies have the cliche where a character references that something always happens in horror movies and they shouldn’t split up or do whatever. This is taking it to the extreme! Making assumptions based on horror movie cliche and getting themselves killed.

  • Chit_LaMarde

    weird I seen this movie at a friends house like 6 months ago he had the DVD.

    it was real funny for a movie I never heard of

    • Elijah

      This movie is GREAT I saw it last night a must see.