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February 6, 2011

The Superbowl Trailers!

— Posted by Ian Fay

I’m guessing those of you who haven’t been watching the Superbowl will want to see the trailers eh? Well, Ian has got you covered! I even stayed up late (in Ireland anyways) just for you guys! Heres the trailers for some of the most wanted films of the summer.

Here we have Transformers Dark Side of the Moon, and I have to say, its jumped up my list of films to see. Looks pretty good to me! Plus the siren audio thing is kinda cool. What Bots do you guys see?

You guys like??
Heres the next entry to the Fast and the Furious franchise, Fast Five. It looks okay, I hope its better then the last one anyways. It has the Rock, so theres a big help already!

Heres the spot for Priest, which looks like it might be your typical run of the mill sci fi thing, but might end up being okay!

This is the pretty amazing trailer for Battle LA. Reminds me of District 9, not a bad thing.

Heres new animation Rio, by the guys who made Ice Age.

Heres Super 8 for that guy who thought I was Rodney (I’m way cooler, man)

Cowboys and Aliens looks okay to me, not fantastic by any means though.

Annnnd finaly, Courtesy of Yahoo we have the two marvel superhero flicks. Thor looks stunning in my oppinion, I cannot WAIT to see it. That dude oozes god.

Its about time, aye? Finaly, we see the Cap in action! Looks great! Pretty cool seeing him as a young skinny guy too.

So International Friends, which ones are your favourites? What trailers suprised you? Which just cemented that your NOT going to see the full release? Personally I loved the hell outa the Marvel ones, but thats just my comic geekery coming out!

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  • chris…

    not bad all around…im getting worried bout battle for LA those trailers are too good..ive been foiled too many times with cool looking trailers…same thing with transformers. i agree, it was an amazing teaser, but so was the teaser for part 2, and i (no matter my blind fanboyism of tformers) cant watch it sober.

    cap is looking great tho, i like the skinny rogers and the red skull clip made me smile. marvel looks like they are trying to bridge the continuity which is good. thor looks ok…the normal world dialogue seems bad to me, but the asgard and action pieces look fun…should be an interesting summer

  • 420BAND

    Cap Finally!

    Now I need to see more!

  • Miss Squidge

    Damn, my poor wallet is going to take a beating. Thanks Ian for posting these! Can’t wait to get my nerd on for Transformers, Thor and Captain America.

  • ThePeter

    With the exception of Rio, i’m interested in seeing them all.

  • Roman

    In the Capt A. trailer seeing that bowler cap and stache on Dum Dum Dugan makes me a special kind of happy in my pants.

    Oh and in the TF trailer those tendrals going through the earth made me thing of one thing UNICRON! But i think they make more of a Galactus type and instead of just munching on the planet he uses devices to drain the planet of its energy.

  • http://none Lawrence

    I think I saw Laserbeak in that Transformers 3 SuperBowl trailer… am I right?

    • bmartz25

      Seems to be the logical thought. I came away with the same conclusion. The phoenix-looking transformer, right?

    • Rodney

      Could have been Laserbeak, but we dont have much for scale… I actually thought it might have been Dinobot Swoop.

      Not sure.

      • http://none Lawrence

        How I wish the Dinobots were in this movie….. perhaps in part 4 with another director?

  • Bigsampson

    not impressed with the commercials this year at all. As far as movies….
    1. I wasn’t expecting much but the TF3 trailer looked dam good.
    2. Cowboys and Aliens looks lame
    3. Super 8 looks great
    4. Battle LA …..
    5. Fast and the lame 5 with more Rock…i dont smell what he has been cooking
    6. the rest are crap

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