Trailer: Tower Heist

Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck and Alan Alda star in Tower Heist. When the Towers richest resident (Alan Alda) is placed under house arrest for stealing from investors, it’s discovered he also stole the pensions of everyone working at the Tower. Casey, Stiller and the others set out to steal back what is theirs! Hijinx ensue.

Now I grew up watching movies such as Coming to America, 48 hours and Beverly Hills Cop. Loved Eddie Murphy but then something happened. Eddie Murphy started trying to play every single god damn role in the movie. How can the man who starred in Coming to America do Norbit — or well, lets face it — most movies he’s been in since 1995. And don’t mention that damned donkey from Shrek, I’m sick to death of that thing.

Here’s to hoping Eddie gets back whatever he lost along the way, this trailer shines a small ray of hope.

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    I WILL be watching this movie, for no other reason than while watching this trailer, I laughed and spit at my monitor with the “ski mask” line! F*cking awesome!

    Everytime I see or hear Eddie Murphy in movies these days, I can only picture “Donkey”. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take his seriously as anything else, until he gets rid of that lispy thing he seems to do so often now.

    This cast will definitely make it worthwhile for me to watch, and I just realized that I left Tia Leoni off my “Hot Woman” list! :D

  • JimmyReno

    I think Eddie Murphy has done a better job than most actors of transitioning to a new audience. When his fast-talking, raunchy comedy/action star thing dried up (see Metro), he became mister family movie man instead of fading into the background. Between Shrek, Meet Dave, Imagine That, Haunted Mansion and yes, even the horrible Nutty Professor movies, my kids know him and love him, and I’m sure he’s doing pretty well for himself financially too. I think that change in focus was brilliant. He even managed to sneak in some great stuff like Bowfinger and Dream Girls while he did it. That being said, this looks a little more like the old school Eddie we knew and loved, and that’s great too. Can’t wait to see it.

  • movieman

    Every movie has a reason to watch, some because they are really cool stuff, some just because of a couple of good looking guys. My reson to watch this film is definitely Eddie Murphy. He is by far the best comedian. The story of this film looks promising as well.

  • Art

    The beginning of Eddie Murphy’s comeback as a respectable actor and comedian? I think there’s potential! The Precious girl looks funny in this too.

    • Nostrand

      The key to Eddie’s past successes like Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop. Coming to America and the thing that was revolutionary about him at his height was his ability to be the smartest one in the film. The clever Bugs bunny like character to a bunch of clueless Elmer Fudds. “Banana in the tail pipe” anyone? He as of late has been regulated to the clueless type character in films like I Spy, Showtime and Shrek. That’s why some of his performances become tiresome, because that’s not who he really is or should be playing. Bring back the slick quick witted funny guy, not donkey. Bring back Eddie.

      • http://na Evil G

        He hit that nail square in the head!

        In Godzilla We Trust….

  • jimf

    I think it looks very entertaining…definitely more like the old Eddie Murphy.

  • TheSwede

    i think this has got some really good potential! just look at the cast. it’s kinda hard going wrong with all these actors?!

    i don’t think we’ll ever see murphy the way he was simply because he isn’t that guy anymore. people change and in this case that change gave us all the stinkers. simply as that.

    • Erik

      Odds are you’re right, but we can hope!

  • Castle91

    I think I’ve watched him play Eddie Murphy for so long, it’s tough to take him seriously.

    This is certainly an… odd collection of actors and actresses. I’m not sure what to think, but it’s not bad.

  • 420band

    I grew up on Eddie’s humor following the greats like Pryor and Fox, ate up all the 48 beverly-Nutty Krumps coming to america and trading places dreamgirl donkey that there was to ingest…

    He made quite a few stinkers in this process.

    But I still give him the benefit of the doubt.

    and Norbit, as offensive (that was really the promblem for people imo) as it was I laughed pretty damn hard at it more than the hangover…..Thats right.. This is an odd pairing IMO

    • http://deleted ya boy wok

      so true the only part i really enjoyed in the hangover was when the fat kid tazered zach g.