There’s a new ‘Prime’ in town

There’s a new Prime in town to, presumably, help fend off the wickedness of the Decepticons as AICN has their hands on the cover to the latest Empire Magazine showcasing what seems to be the latest Autobot reveal.


I’m sure somebody is somewhere dissecting every pixel for some new details and information that can be discovered in this photo, (share them in the comments!), but the obvious best news in this photo is… Optimus finally has a respectable gun. I always thought that the hardware that Optimus Prime was packing was always a bit sub par for the leader of the Autobots.

I’m indifferent about the latest ‘Prime’ as his design seems like a weird mix of the Fallen from the last film and something I’ve seen in a Japanese anime. What do you guys think of the latest Prime?

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    Everyone has to remember that the movies are not the comics, they don’t mimic them in the slightest.

    They are more of a revamp of the comics, created in a different or more modern idium, so to compare one of the Transformers created by Bay to one created in the comics, is a bit silly, they will always be different, and more adaptable for a mass movie loving audience