The Fantastic Mr STAR Fox

College humor just slammed two beloved Foxes together: The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Star Fox, to make The Fantastic Mr Star Fox, a stop motion short in the style of Wes Andersons 2009 film. Its basically just a fun little spoof, replacing the Roald Dahl characters with Fox, Peppy, Slippy and Falco. Have a look guys!
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I think it works quite well! I love the recasting of Owen Wilson etc. To be honest the whole thing made me feel very nostalgic about Lylat Wars (I think you guys called it Star Fox 64 over there?).
Another thing, since theres been feck all Nintendo movies (Pokemon doesn’t count, and I choose to forget Super Mario Bros and The Wizard), I ask you this question:

What Nintendo games would make great films, and who would you like to direct/ star?

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  • TigerClaw

    I could totally see a Starfox movie being done if they do it all CGI.

  • MadMax_007

    Legend of Zelda!!! Directed by Guillermo Del Toro!

  • Jordan

    Excite Bike!… couldn’t be worse than Biker Boyz.

  • Mister Mortombachman

    I don’t think nintendo’s games are best suited for movies. Star fox or metroid could be good.

  • TigerClaw

    That was great!

    Oh btw, There is a new Starfox game coming out on the 3DS, I believe its a remake of Starfox 64.

    • Ian Fay

      Yeah, i have my 3DS preordered and ready to collect it the morning its released! Can’t wait, the grapics are superb and it’ll have 3d movies too, so my 2 hours bus journey to college every morning will be more bearable!

  • Ramiz

    i like it, looks like cartoons from my childhood))