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June 6, 2011

Super 8 Trailer Online

— Posted by Rodney

The MTV Movie Awards brought us a few new trailers last night and among them was this one for JJ Abrams Super 8

Now this shows us a lot more of what we can expect from the film. But wisely they still are not showing the creature.

How in this day and age when everyone can find out anything on the internet that they can keep these things a secret is beyond me, but that they are keeping that reveal for the film itself says a lot about this production.

This looks to have all the suspense and thrills I would want out of a monster film. I have high hopes for Super 8.

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  • dharender

    so im going to a movie with a guy i like on sunday (i just recently found he likes me too:) and we r going to see super 8. I saw the trailer. it looks good! if u havent heard of it watch the trailer online. I know some parts are scary and stuff and he told me he cant wait to cuddle with me.

  • Paris

    Seems Spielberg has produced an homage to himself. Hmmm.

  • Art

    I think only Abrams and Spielberg could have kept the lid on this movie! Just like Cloverfield, the secrecy is killing me! But this close to the movie we already knew what the cloverfield monster looked like. Oh the suspense!!

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