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May 31, 2011

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Trailer Online

— Posted by Rodney

Attempting to make his leap from the small screen of Community, Joel McHale has signed on for the next generation of Spy Kids movies. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.

And of course because Jessica Alba is determined to be taken seriously as an actress, she landed the lead “Spy mom” role.

Hold on to your pants kids. This one isn’t in 3D… that’s so last week. This Spy Kids movie is in 4D!!! - which means nothing. Its a 3D movie filled with kids doing neat stuff and


I am not against the 3D movement, and when used right its pretty cool. But even in this old fashioned 2d trailer we can see the obvious “in your face” gimmick that just makes me roll my eyes.

But its not like they could make this movie look any less appealing to adults.


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  • NoLa

    I think I’ll just drink furniture polish instead. Seems about the same experience.

    • Danny

      Yeah and the furniture polish is cheaper than a ticket to a movie…

  • LAgirl

    I…just….don’t…know….what to say! I guess they need a paycheck or something, cause that was so bad it made A.I. look brilliant!!

  • Dave in accounting

    could be worse. At least they are making another barney theatrical release.

  • Chris

    Really? I mean really?

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