RUMOR: Avengers plot spilled

There has been wild speculation as to what will actually be the crisis that will band “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” together in a film, and Latino Review claims that they’ve got a source that’s spilled the beans.

Source: Cinemablend via Latino Review

According to their source, the actual big villain of the film will be Loki, Thor’s half-brother and nemesis who will also be the bad guy of this summer’s Thor, played by Tom Hiddleston. Latino Review says Hiddleston will be back to play the part, and in The Avengers he’s getting power from none other than the Cosmic Cube, that great force that’s at the center of the other big Marvel film coming this summer, Captain America. Loki gets his hands on the Cosmic Cube and uses it to summon- dum dum dum!- the Skurlls. Chaos ensues, Avengers assemble, etc. etc.

You know that plot seems very Loki-ish and is probably the only thing supporting that this rumor may have any truth to it. Loki’s character is known to be a trickster and a liar so somehow parlaying his way into possessing the cosmic cube that’s used in the Captain America movie sounds like a feasible way to marry the worlds together for a subliminal over-arching storyline that culminates in the Avengers movie. I like the idea, and think it would be a cool way to unite the heroes to lay the smacketh down on the Skrull empire.

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  • BuckFarack

    I read somewhere where Thanos might be in the movie…

  • matty

    and Super Skrull kicks ass in MVC3

  • SuperHeroNerd

    This surprisingly intrigues me. sounds good so far.

  • 420BAND

    Holy Shit! Too Bad I’m not in love with the Skrulls

  • Roman


  • Pman-67

    After I read this, I imagined a scene after the credits of Captain America. They could show Loki’s gloved hand, or him from the back, never in full view, sifting through the rubble of the final battle and finding the “thought to have been destroyed” cosmic cube. As I’m pretty sure at the end of the movie everyone will think the cosmic cube has been destroyed or lost forever.

  • Sean

    If nothing else, it seems like a good way to tie the Thor and Cap movies into the bigger storyline.