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June 21, 2011

Robin Joins Batman Arkham City

— Posted by Rodney

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the most cinematic and fun Batman Video game to date. The style was very similar to what we have been seeing in the Nolan Batman films, but still pushed the superscience of the Batman villains.

Well a sequel to that game is coming out soon, Arkham City - and another hero will be joining Batman in the fight to contain Arkham’s escaped inmates. Robin.

This in game model of Robin could very well hint to how we might see a realistic Nolan-esque take on the character.

Now I know that Nolan has said that Robin wont appear in his versions of the Batman films - but he said so because due to the chapter in Batman’s life that he explored with these films, Dick Grayson would be an infant. He never said he was against the character, just that it didn’t make sense for their history.

But if he did introduce Robin… I would hope he would be something like this.


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  • bleh

    this looks more like a photoshopped eminem from his song “Without Me”

    • Rodney

      You do realize the irony of saying it looked like Eminem when he was dressed up AS ROBIN in his video right?

      Eminem was trying to look like Robin, this is another version of Robin… I really don’t see what point you were trying to make.

      More what?


    I hope Nolan takes a 10 year break or longer with out any one doing live action batman films and then have him do Batman when hes older and have ROBIN in flash backs and do the hole Frank Miller concept I dont know what the series or really the story but what I heard about the Frank Miller novels sounds amazing.

  • Geno

    The way they designed it seems similar to the current Robin in the comics with is Bruce’s son Damian Wayne. I like the design and wondering how he will play during the mission packs.

  • Roman

    So far it is just confirmed that Robin will be playable in the Challenge Mode of Ark City if you preorder the game from Best Buy. Since he is a totally fleshed out character, with his own moves and gadgets, I’m really hoping that he is featured in the story mode. Even if he is not a playable character I would be satisfied.

    Also, IGN reported that Red Hood’s Warehouse will be a level Challenge Mode. I would love to see Red Hood in Ark City.

  • cloud720

    But covering his cheekbones wouldnt be a good disguise.

  • Roman

    This is confirmed to be Tim Drake as robin with an optional Red Robin costume. Can’t wait for this game.

  • Anthony


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