New X-men: First Class posters

Looks like those promotional wheels are starting to turn as we get our first look at a couple of new posters for the latest X-Men movie have recently hit the net.


I can’t say that they’re bad posters but they don’t seem to maintain the momentum I had after seeing the teaser trailer. I understand that they’re using these posters to “educate” those who may not recognize the connection between this and the previous movies, but I just feel there could have been another way to get that point across and still satisfy that underwhelming feeling I get when I look at these .

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  • 420BAND

    They look like there trying to convey a “This will feel like the Bryan Singer versions” message of sophistication.

    Posters are boring though.

  • Joshua

    I like this personally…i really like the reflections they used to show the transition from what they are to what they will become

  • Roman

    I think these are awful. Nothing about this makes me want to see it. Know your audience, you are selling action so give me something that alludes to action.

    • Anthony

      I knew I wasn’t the only one! It’s too dull to me. What happened to those animated movie posters like the ones used for “the other guys” and that last “saw” movie?

    • Ryan

      “Know your audience”

      I think you should do a little of that, first. People don’t want mindless action films, they want GOOD action films, films that have real stories and that make you think. Hasn’t Nolan proved that with the Batman films and Inception? Give people a good action film, that isn’t a mindless action film, and you will be rewarded with something that stands the test of time… and that makes a lot of $$$ from the Box Office.

      So, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. It seems like the X-Men franchise has taken a lesson from the last X-Men movie, Wolverine, and realized that mindless action is horrible and will lead to disappointment in the Box Office. They want to have a legit franchise, so they have to make a good film that is anything but mindless. And that’s why they’re going out of their way to show audiences that this will be something more than the last film (two films, actually), and are hearkening back to the first two X-Men movies we all loved so much in their PR.

      • Anthony

        Nothing wrong with smart action. Just that these posters don’t give the impression of smart or mindless action. If I were unaware of the X-men franchise and I saw these posters the first thing in my mind wouldn’t be that these are for an “action” movie of any kind. That’s the problem I’m having with them.

  • yigal

    I think they look awesome!