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March 14, 2011

New Sexy Sucker Punch Images Online

— Posted by Rodney

Because with all the publicity surrounding the film, the PR behind Sucker Punch have decided its time to remind you that the stars are sexy women.

In lingerie.

maybe its because I am a guy, but I don’t mind that EVERYTHING we have seen is about the eyecandy. I am more than content to let the plot details and visuals come together on the big screen without having it all spelled out for me in a variety of trailers.

… and lingerie.


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  • Ken

    Love pics #’s 3,4,an 5…y…cause all have the hot,the awesome,the reason to see this(for me)…Vanessa Hudgens.

    But seriously even with the lingerie and chick factor being the major attraction to the film the visual styles and story plot of an imaginary world to escape reality of confinement looks to be a fun viewing.

    (Zack Snyder and watchmen always lingers in my mind though.)

  • Anti-Septic

    I rarely go see a movie on opening day, but I’ll make an exception for this one.

  • Roman

    The unfortunate thing about this movie is the same thing with Inception, you already pretty much know what its about and like with all movies that are centered around the mind/insanity/dreams is that the ending is always IT WAS ALL A DREAM…Or Was IT??? I hate that and it was predictable with inception and im sure it will be with this. The thing that makes them pop is the execution and inception was executed fantastically, lets see how this one is.

    • Erick

      Wait…what? Predictable? Sure, the ending gave you the option of thinking was it a dream or not but with that statement I’m lead to believe you didn’t really watch the movie and realize how many different scenarios could be drawn of what that movie was about and what was actually happening.

      You really just scratched the surface; I would suggest googling about Inception and reading different ideas people have about the movie and maybe you’ll get a better idea of how complex it really was.

      • Roman

        You can do that with everything in the known world. Its like looking at a scatter picture and saying do you see the artists pain in these pictures. I have my views on inception and yes I gave a simplified answer above but I do not think sucker punch will be peeling back layers of the human psyche.

      • 420BAND

        Touche! Roman.

        personally I felt the same about Inception.

        Memento was more of a “mind fuck” for me.

  • knossis

    The critics will hate this movie but the public (Guys like us) will help this thing make a decent amount of money. The people who are going to go see this really won’t care about the plot. It’s the female version of 300. 300 made money cause it was a bunch of ripped guys kicking ass. Guy’s and Girl’s lined up to see it and it had nothing to do with the story.

    • Rodney

      I disagree. I read the graphic novel for 300 and went to see it for the story as much as I went for the stylized action.

      • http://NA Dogbone

        The critics might hate it for the over-use of sexuality and its lack of story sense.

        And it will very likely make money despite all that because a lot of us will want to see it for the imagery… and the women in lingerie!

        Either way, I can’t wait! :P

      • 420BAND

        Frank Millar’s always interesting visual style of storytelling of the Graphic Novel made me go see that film.(300)and Snyders direction with attention to every last detail kept a devilish grin on my face through-out that movie.

    • Abraxis

      Really? And how did your prediction work out, Bunky? The thing tanked and deserved to.

  • Mister Mortombachman

    I’m looking forward to this movie, but I’m not really expecting it to be good.

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