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June 6, 2011

MTV Movie Award Results

— Posted by Rodney

With categories that the fans want like “Best Kiss” and “Best Line” not to mention “Best Scared as Shit” the entirely fan voted MTV Movie Awards remains a joke. The only thing it does offer is some star studded eyecandy, good musical performances and some new Trailers.

But if you are still interested in the sponsored-by skewwed results of mostly Twilight fans, here are the results of the show.


*Winner* The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Director: David Slade, Producers: Wyck Godfrey and Karen Rosenfelt (Summit Entertainment)
Black Swan - Directed by Darren Aronofsky
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 - Directed by David Yates
Inception - Directed by Christopher Nolan
The Social Network - Directed by David Fincher


*Winner* Robert Pattinson - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network
Taylor Lautner - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Zac Efron - Charlie St. Cloud


*Winner* Kristen Stewart - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Emma Stone - Easy A
Emma Watson - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
Jennifer Aniston - Just Go with It
Natalie Portman - Black Swan


*Winner* Chloe Moretz - Kick-Ass (Lionsgate)
Andrew Garfield - The Social Network
Hailee Steinfeld - True Grit
Jay Chou - The Green Hornet
Olivia Wilde - Tron: Legacy
Xavier Samuel - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


*Winner* Emma Stone - Easy A (Sony Pictures)
Adam Sandler - Just Go with It
Ashton Kutcher - No Strings Attached
Russell Brand - Get Him to the Greek
Zach Galifianakis - Due Date


*Winner* Alexys Nycole Sanchez - Grown Ups (Sony Pictures) “I want to get chocolate wasted.”
Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone - Easy A “There’s a higher power that will judge you for your indecency.”
“Tom Cruise?”
Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”
Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield - The Social Network “…A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?”
“You?” “A billion dollars. And that shut everybody up.”
Tom Hardy - Inception “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.”


*Winner* Tom Felton - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Christoph Waltz - The Green Hornet
Leighton Meester - The Roommate
Mickey Rourke - Iron Man 2
Ned Beatty - Toy Story 3


*Winner* Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Amy Adams vs. The Sisters - The Fighter
Chloe Moretz vs. Mark Strong - Kick-Ass
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint vs. Death Eaters - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs. Hallway Attacker - Inception


*Winner* Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)
Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Inception
Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis - Black Swan


*Winner* Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Performance Spectacular (Paramount Pictures)
James Franco - 127 Hours
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page - Inception
Natalie Portman - Black Swan
Steve-O - Jackass 3D


*Winner* Ellen Page - Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Ashley Bell - Inception
Jessica Szohr - Piranha 3D
Minka Kelly - The Roommate
Ryan Reynolds - Buried


*Winner* Chloe Moretz - Kick-Ass (Lionsgate)
Alex Pettyfer - Beastly
Jaden Smith - The Karate Kid
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Inception
Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man 2

The only thing I agree with on these lists is giving Chloe Moretz all the credit she deserves, and Emma Stone for her comedic efforts.

But Pretty much any category with Twilight in it got that star the win. Best Movie goes to Twilight over Black Swan, Inception and The Social Network?? Considering most of the fans voting on these categories are not old enough to have attended Black Swan, I expected little more. I mean Justin Beiber won the vague “Jaw Dropping” category.

The entire purpose of these awards is to “let the fans decide” but honestly we know that it was about the commercials and pimping out whatever new films are coming.

These “awards” are not an honour, and frankly mean nothing.

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  • Geno

    When I was growing up in the 90’s I thought the MTV movie awards were the shit. Now…I don’t give a shit about them. Must mean I’m old or something.

  • Bigsampson

    haha The Music Television Channels Annual movie award show that gives awards to what 14 year old children like so grown ups can talk about it around the water cooler in there funky little hipster studio workshop for there internet publication….AAAAAA!

  • Roman

    All i got out of this is that two movies are being release that are the same damn movie at the same damn time (No strings Attached and Friends with Benefits). The damn “award show” is a PR junkit for the latestest teeniebopper movie out or coming out. This whole “award” show was an extended trailer for 2 movies
    - Harry Potter
    - Twilight
    Utter Crap, I am soo mad I watched this and feel sorry for the kids of this generation.

  • Kambo

    I hate twilight…..How in the world did that Eclipse fight win over the jaw dropping fight from Inception?! Seriously…WTF?!?!?!

    • Darren J Seeley


      And you know the best movie fights of last year - Jet Li vs Dolph Lundgren (Expendables) Bruce Willis vs. Karl Urban (Red) and Robert Downey Jr vs Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2) - were not on the list so don’t feel so bad.

      Second thought, do, because the fight belonged to Amy Adams and her smackdown!


    When it is no longer a Twi-fest maybe it will stop being so boring.

  • Darren J Seeley

    So someone explain this to me. Anyone:

    They give an actor or two an award for saying “Best Line or lines” but-

    1 Unless it’s an ad lib, they don’t credit the writer/writers. The person who wrote the line(s) get NO credit.

    2 They are basically honoring an actor for acting - but some of the actors are nominated for acting in other categoies (or overhype and popularity contests)

    Second thought, don’t explain it. I think I got it now.

    The MTV awards do have a place, though. They are a step below the People’s Choice Awards (which used to mean something) and a step above the Golden Globes (which mean nothing)

    No, I don’t have a clue how Twilight beat out Black Swan, The Social Network, The Fighter or Inception. But we aren’t talking quality here., just life stealers of two hours you won’t get back.

    I didn’t watch the awards for the same reason. I was enjoying the suunshine.

  • Roman

    My wife is a twihard and she made me digest this crap so she could see the trailer for the next movie. I tried to get her to just go to TMB because I knew you would have it up but nooo she had to see it live. This was just advertising and crotch grabbing juvinile crap.

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