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April 19, 2011

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Dark Knight Rises role is…

— Posted by The Amazing Anthony

And we’re back! Okay folks, for those who are just now tuning in you’re watching our regular installment of “Chris Nolan presents: The Dark Knight Rises: The Guessing game”. You, dear friend, will be today’s contestant and the category chosen by our judges is “What role will they play”. Of course there has been a lot of speculation already about JGL’s role in the anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed the Dark Knight so without further interruption…

Source: Filmonic

Gordon-Levitt will play John Blake, a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon. Cotillard will appear as Miranda Tate, a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.

Wait, what?! I’m checking with our judges and apparently we were all wrong with our assumptions of Falcone and Talia Al Ghul, which is a colossal shame and again wreaks all sorts of havoc on the general ‘radar’. As such we will have to take a quick commercial break while our technicians perform some routine maintenance and repair. Thanks again for playing, and we hope you tune in next time for “Chris Nolan presents: The Dark Knight Rises: The Guessing game”.

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    LEVITT sort of has a similar face to Heath… I would love to see him have a small role as the JOKER in the Arkham Asylum and have Juno Temple as HARLEY QUINN… THAT WOULD BE SICK.

  • Roman

    Nothing to see here, move along. I don’t believe a lick of this hogwash. As a matter of fact I don’t believe any news that comes out concerning this movie. I think that Nolan is playing us all (i hope anyway).

  • bernard

    Is this news official words out from Nolan itself? If the source claims it come from multiple reliable “sources”, i’ll take it as a grain of salt… still, it come completely out of left field if it’s true.

    • Anthony

      The news originated from a WB press release. It’s pretty official.

  • Darren

    ” Cotillard will appear as Miranda Tate, a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.”

    Nobody wonders if it is possible that Tate is in fact Talia Al Ghul, which could actually make sense, considering that deception was part of the Al Ghul philosophy *and* it is reasonable to guess that there may be some members of LoS still within the “Gotham Infrastructure”.

    But there’s a slight red flag for me here too. Is Bruce still “grieving” over the death of his parents? Racheal?

    • Rodney

      Yeah, I read that as “still grieving Bruce Wayne” as a separate descriptor than the mention of his deceased parents.

      Obviously he would be grieving over Rachael.

      And Tate could be Talia… Its a common literary device to have a commonality in a name for a character disguising their identity. Of course, its also possible its not.

      I would like to see more League of Shadows stuff going on.

  • Kevin C

    The word is that the script has been very closely guarded, and no one really has any clue what they’re talking about when it comes to casting…

    It is fun to speculate though. I would have loved for him to take up the Joker mantle in a small supporting role, ala Hannibal Lecter or something, but I trust Nolan will give us a great film with this star studded cast.

  • giantguy1321

    Comes as no surprise to me!! In fact I was pretty sure both actor’s would have smaller roles.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Nolan’s movies because I feel they are too grounded in reality (I may have mentioned this in my comments before!!!!). I’m not surprised at all that the director has gone the route of not casting multiple villians!! Let’s face it there isn’t that many left to choose from. Especially when he’s ruled out casting most of the classic bad guys because he wants to make the fantastical less fantastical and more believable.

    I still don’t think Catwoman is a good idea for these movies! Mainly because I know she’ll be made second fiddle to the main villian and introduced as Bruce’s loss-recovering love interest (as expected and as always).

    Look, I’m not saying I hate the movies by any means! I just feel that there is nowhere else to go with an established franchise when you refuse to use the established Rogue’s gallery of characters.

    The sooner we get to a more colourful incarnation of the Batman the better I say. Arkham asylum style, less bright and more gothic.

    I wanna see Batman swing from a gargoyle or two, is that too much to ask??

    • Rodney

      “there isn’t that many left to choose from”


      I think that 70 years worth of comics and a rogues gallery that lists 50 different characters are “re-occurring” would disagree with that statement.

      There are LOTS of villains they could use. If they just still to the major ones, they would still have a few dozen to choose from.

      • knossis

        Agree. Most of Batman’s villans are can be easily downplayed for the big screen and used in Nolan’s universe. The Riddler could be made into a serial killer who lives a riddle at each crime scene. Killer Croc as done in some iterations in the comics, could be an unnaturally strong circus performer with a skin disease that gives him a croc like appearance. The Mad hatter could be a psychologist who uses hypnosis to have his clients commit crimes for him. The list could go on and own. Most of Batman’s villans are just as human as he is, most have genius level IQ’s like he does. They have honed their genius and become experts in one or two areas like him. The difference, they use there genius for evil, Batman uses his for good.

        Out of all the characters in comics, I think Batman is the easiest to adapt to the screen for those reasons. I for one love what Nolan has done. He has brought Batman to the screen in a logical way that the none comic reading public can relate to. We geeks have always wanted the none geeks out there to understand why we love these characters so much. With the Dark Knight, Nolan did that for us. He gave us a very mature, adult tale that audiences bought into.

  • Sam

    I’m a bit disappointed, I was kinda hoping he would come in as the Joker. I think he could’ve pulled it off amazingly and it would’ve been a huge selling point.

    I still have total faith in Nolan, though. I’m still excited!

    • joe C

      the joker was not at all indication of being in this movie why would he be the joker?

    • ulfsark

      Um, you realize the joker has already been played by the late Heath Ledger, right?

      Are you maybe thinking of the Riddler? I know that was my guess when I saw him.

    • Ram

      I agree that Levitt could pull off the Joker he’s got the chops for it!!!
      And duh we know Ledger is dead, but whos too say that another great actor couldnt do a fantastic job as well. The Joker is Batmans arch enemy more so then any other villian, I would love if nolan found some one just as good to play him, even if it would be just a cameo. And I remember when the fan boys were up in arms about Ledger playing The Nicholson, but he was, so its not crazy to think theres some one else that could fill the clowns shoes.

      • Sarah


        I have ALWAYS thought that JGL would be the perfect person to take over the mantle of Joker from Heath Ledger! He was terrific in that freaky little film Kill Shot with Mickey Rourke…exactly the kind of cat that could pull off the Joker. It doesn’t hurt that he is physically similar to Ledger either. But hey - Blake is okay too. It’ll just be great to see JGL as part of that cast!
        Break a leg!

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