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January 26, 2011

Joe Manganiello leads Superman Reboot Rumours

— Posted by Rodney

The latest gossip rumour on the Superman reboot front is that True Blood heartthrob Joe Manganiello appears to be the lead choice for the role of Clark Kent.

Here’s what we know: At last week’s Academy Bake Off, a celebration of visual effects in film, talk around the room (especially from the team working on the new “Superman”) said Manganiello kept popping up in serious talks about a new face for the franchise.

Its those damned crew workers that just can’t keep their mouth shut.

Of course this might just be talk, and while his name may have come up, there is no confirmation that he is even been considered. Manganiello is reportedly cool with the rumour saying he would be honoured and that he is a fan of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan.

This would not be Manganiello’s first superhero film, as he did play the bully Flash Thompson in Raimi’s Spider-Man.

Could you see Manganiello as Clark Kent for this reboot?

I am starting to.

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  • Bill

    Both Deadline and TMZ is reporting that Henry Cavill, from the UK, has landed the role of Superman!!!

  • Kristina

    He can’t act.

    He’s not white.

    He’s not getting it.

    • Rodney

      He can act. Brandon rough is not “white” either ( half Hispanic ) and he could get the role.

      No one knows who they are going with yet so assuming he will is just as blind as assuming he won’t.

  • J Cribbs

    This guy played Flash Thompson in Spider-man 1… I really can’t see him as Superman.

    • Rodney

      And Chris Evans played the Human Torch and NO ONE is confusing him with that character after seeing him in the pictures for Captain America.

      Furthermore, Flash had about 2 minutes of screen time and was forgotten. Hardly setting himself in a typecast of being an iconic role. Evans played Torch for two whole movies and its a non-issue there.

      • cloud720

        Its a non issue for you.

  • dcmoviegirl

    I wouldn’t be mad if Joe got this, but ever since I saw The Social Network, I cannot see anyone in this role more than Armie Hammer.

  • http://none Lawrence

    I think this guy can pull it off….

  • 420BAND

    Dont know his nationality but he looks like he’ll pass for a Telemundo version.

    Supe’s en espanol!

    • Rodney

      Routh is Hispanic. No Telemundo jokes there. Manganiello is Italian (Sicilian, Austrian, German and Armenian actually)

      And no one is saying Manganiello will sport the scruffy beard if he gets the gig.

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