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May 31, 2011

Jamie Campbell Bower joins The Mortal Instruments

— Posted by Rodney

The Mortal Instruments has found their leading man, the mystical Shadowwarrior Jace, who will be played by Camelot’s Jamie Campbell Bower.

Geek Tyrant shares:

Screen Gems have cast Camelot star Jamie Campbell Bower as the lead role in their upcoming supernatural action film The Mortal Instruments

Bower will join Lily Collins (Abduction, Priest, The Blind Side) who will play Clary Fray, the central heroine to the series. Clary starts out as your average girl until she realizes she has The Sight. She can see demons and Shadowhunters alike, which turns her on to all sorts of trouble and one gorgeous (if not sarcastic) hunter called Jace who Bower will be playing.

The Mortal Instruments series of books spans the mythological and houses them in the real world. Its not a new concept, but it is one that Cassandra Clare executes very well with a wealth of backstory and lore.

I am pretty eager to see these books made into movies, and really looking forward to seeing Bower as Jace. He is awesome as Arthur on Camelot and a good fit for the look of the character.

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    Cassandra Clare has a pretty good Twitter following and most of her fans were hoping for Max Irons or Alex Pettyfer.I was pulling for Max myself.

    • Dean

      too bad. i didn’t like Bower in Camelot at all

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