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June 7, 2011

Human Centipede 2 is Banned in the UK as Cast is Announced

— Posted by Rodney

The movie that cannot be un-seen is getting a sequel and the cast of The Human Centipede 2: The Full Sequence has been announced, and the UK is banning the film.


First Sequence star, Ashlynn Yennie, will be reprising her role of “Jenny” in the sequel directed by Tom Six. Laurence Harvey will be playing “Martin”, the new mad scientist who will assemble the 12-person centipede. The new cast members include, Dominic Borelli, Vivien Bridson, Lee Harris, Peter Charlton, Bill Hutchens, Dan Burman, Daniel Jude Gennis, Kandace Caine, Maddi Black, Lucas Hansen, Georgina Goodrick and Emma Lock.

And while they are at it… Director Tom Six replies to the recent Ban of this film in the UK for being classified as “sexually violent and potentially obscene”

“Thank you BBFC for putting spoilers of my movie on your website and thank you for banning my film in this exceptional way. Apparently I made an horrific horror-film, but shouldn’t a good horror film be horrific? My dear people it is a fucking MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not. If people can’t handle or like my movies they just don’t watch them. If people like my movies they have to be able to see it any time, anywhere also in the UK.”

While I agree that this is art, and like any art it is highly subjective.

While some people like to be disgusted as a form of entertainment, just as some like to be scared for horror films.

But where do we draw the line.

Sometimes in films we see things truely horrible in movies, usually because that is what is to be overcome in the film. It defines the badguys and allows you to cheer for the goodguys.

But when is a movie disgusting for disgusting sake? And is it wrong to be entertained by that?

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  • Dirk Anger

    I am in no way, shape or form in favor of censorship when it comes to arts & entertinment, but I gotta say that after I read the statement that the British government put out with a synopsis of what the movie is about, including details of some of the more graphic scenes, I have to admit that I find it hard to find a fault against their ruling. There was just some truly heinous, sickening stuff going on in that screenplay; the words “barb-wire rape & sandpaper masturbation” sticking out in my mind. There’s art, & then there’s just blatant obscenity used for extreme shock factor. NC-17 this thing and let’s just move on.

    • Ricci

      I have to agree, I watched the first one out of curiosity, found it far from entertaining and a pretty poor excuse for a film, however, although weird, odd and strange - I would say it was far from the “most sick film” ever label it was branded with - infact it was pretty tame.

      The description from the statments that the BBFC have put out, make this new one sound truely sick, and not sick in the sense of horror, but sick, rape, sexual perversion, sexual gratification and the creation of the human centipede for nothing more than sexual gratification of a sick individual.

      While I couldn’t care less about censorship, people should be able to watch what they like as long as they are duely informed of what to expect, this ‘film’ just sounds wrong, and I wouldn’t understand anyones reasoning for wanting to watch it, knowing what they are about to see.

      Art…..bullsh*t, there is nothing artistic about such a film (and the same can be said for many films)

      It makes me feel sick thinking about this film…

      • bobby

        This is just a film !!! if they ban it in the Uk it will only encourage more people to get it on the black market. I cannot understand why they would ban it at all, its fiction like the other thousands of films out there. I watched the first one simply because i was intrigued that the second one was banned, I didnt find the first one that good but i watched it all the way through, ive seen far worse!! overall in this day and age how can they possibly start banning films now its too late the damage has already been done. Its like the film Faces of death, has anyone ever seen it ??? its very tame, why was it banned ??? most of it was fake!! I predict that more people will watch this movie because its been banned than if it was released normally, the more bad publicity the more viewers, simple as that. The BBFC are very naive if they think they are protecting viewers from this one. Bad move.

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