Hear Samuel L. Jackson Play XBOX Live.

Well, I suppose the title is a little misleading. Basically some gamers have gotten their hands (and I say ‘Gamers’ and not ‘Gamer’, because theres NO way this could be done by one guy) on a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard and used to to great comedic effect. I wish more online games were like this, so that instead of hearing 12 year olds and wannabe gangsters shouting at me, I’d hear… well, listen for yourself.

[Those of you who don’t have headphones at work or are opposed to excessive swearing may not want to click play!]


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  • http://xbox.allgamein.com/xbox Jolynn Justesen

    Hey, I’m interesting in microsoft xbox,too!

  • sloboy302

    The PeeWee Herman one is pretty funny, the guys he was playing against were cracking up made it even better.

  • josh harris

    by far the best of these videos is the one of sean connery playing black ops

  • chrris

    this is classic…love the last reaction with everyone laughing…i like people playing along and not being douches

  • methos84

    The Charlie Sheen COD:BO is pretty good too. Though, Sam Jackson is simply awesome.

    • http://www.judymoodymovie.com Ian Fay

      Hmmm, to be honest, I feel the whole Charlie Sheen thing ran its course a long time ago.