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June 13, 2011

Green Lantern Girl Commericial

— Posted by Rodney

I love a geeky girl just as much as the next geek, and this video (which is actually a commercial for a jeweller that makes engagement rings) is just a lot of fun.

I don’t know what is more clever. The attractive girl geeking out over a comic book property (while the counter guys are stunned into silence and awe) or the name of the website it promotes - “Gottalockthatdown”. Their other videos are not nearly as clever as this one, but that might be a little bias from the geek in me.

Still, every geek has had one of these rare moments when a hot girl proves to be genuinely a closet geek and you get weak in the knees for a moment. (And yes, I did score one of those geeky girls who denies being geeky - she curses in Huttese and says Frack and Frell, knows why there can only be one, but still flubbs on C-3PO’s name - and I locked that down)


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  • jimbo

    only a few fans of Farscape will understand the Frell

  • Danny

    I’m fine with the idea of dating a geeky girl, as long as all fandoms we’re into don’t everlap (like Roman says there needs to be room for solo time).

  • Roman

    I am a huge geek (LIKE HUGE) but I prefer not to have geeky counterparts, I need my escape time to be solo. I’ve tried being with geeky girls similar to me and if I get out geeked i get offended. Either way Great Fn Commercial.

    • 420BAND

      Cool post Rod.

      As for me I locked down a Colombiana and made her sprout out a Lil’ future comic geek.(like me) :) it’s all good.

      (she has no Idea how deep her husband’s sick twisted geekdom goes)

  • Geno

    Good for you for finding your geek girl man. As for me and many others……..the search continues. Not until I find the one worthy of my last name will I rest. Nothing beats a hot gamer chick or fangirl.

  • Jason

    She’s kind of cute in a geeky way i guess

  • Anti-Septic

    Great commercial

  • Art

    Heck ya! Lock that down!

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