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January 13, 2010

The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast: January 13th 2010

— Posted by Rodney

Welcome to your second Uncut Podcast of 2010 continuing the tradition of the longest running movie related podcast on the net.

Here’s the Shnotes for the shorter podcast today, and even a link for direct download or streaming!

1/ Our New Twitter.
- You can find us online at @TMB_Tweets

2/ Green Hornet.
-Seth Rogen’s version
-Kevin Smith’s spec Green Hornet script becomes a comic book

3/ Spiderman 4 Canceled.
- The Bad about it
- The good about it
- Where do we go from here.

4/ Sam Raimi to go back to World of Warcraft?

5/ The Vatican’s Avatar review

You can stream the podcast by clicking right here or you can right click and “save target as” to download it.

Warning… I discovered I talk fast, and sometimes ramble and say Uh a lot. But I didn’t say “eh” even once. What kind of Canadian am I? lol

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  • Derek 8-Track

    so thats your voice.

  • 420BAND

    Fanboys(myself included- I guess) should just be happy there still making them and they are still able to bitch about every aspect of it…

    here on this super-duper-megaflow-new and improved-better than ever-blah,blah,blah(channeling George Carlin) MOVIE BLOG!

  • James (Haz)

    And i dont mean to kiss ass, im a fucking straight shooter.

    But i seriously think Rodney sounds better then John on his podcasts.

    Now, please embed them on the blog =p

  • Jim

    Reportedly Marc Webb, director of 500 Days of Summer is directing Spidey -1. Other people who were/are being considered James Cameron, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson.

  • Methos84

    yeah, nice podcast!

  • Jim

    I’m disappointed that Spidey 4 is cancelled. I really thought Raimi would have done a great job. He wanted retribution for Spider-Man 3. Not looking forward to New Spidey at all. Hopefully no Taylor Lautner, Other Twilight guy, or Zac Effron doesn’t get the role. I actually kind of want a bit of an unknown. Another stupid thing is that they think that New Spidey will be dark and gritty. Spider-Man is friendly. He’s your friendly neighborhood spider-man. Batman is dark, Spider-Man isn’t. Please no emo Peter Parkers.

    • Rodney

      As long as he cracks the wise, I am game.

      And if Zac Efron looked the part, I wouldnt care if he was picked. But the only reason I wouldnt want Efron or Lautner is because they dont suit the role. Not because they got their start in tween and girly franchises.

      • Jim

        I liked your comment on the how they half the sinister six left. I hope they use Kraven, possibly with the Goblin. I also hope we one day learn what Raimi’s ideas were for 4. I’m gonna pray tonight that some how magically Raimi and Maguire come back and it’s awesome. But I’m almost 100% sure that that ship has sailed.

    • Methos84

      I’m not too keen on a darker, grittier, Spider-Man. Sure, Spidey has gone through some dark times but the character himself isn’t dark. I’m interested in what the script for Spidey 4 is like. Over at, some details have emerged. If the insider is to be believed here’s what he says:

      “Did you read the script man?”, he asks, “I mean, it was fucking terrible – it was pretty much Spider-Man 3 all over again. I kid you not, it was just a mess. Seriously. You say people are ‘sobbing’ now, but had this film been made, fans would’ve been jumping off roof-tops!”.

      He adds, “Basically, it was Peter Parker, in between changing his little one’s diapers, fighting the new editor of the Daily Bugle, who’s The Vulture, and Black Cat. They’ve rewritten it since then (Black Cat is now Vulturess), but I believe the gist of the story remains. Or.. remained”.

      yuck! lol

  • Brendan

    Rodney, you should podcast more. I actually thought it was really well done- good insights and honestly (don’t take this the wrong way) you talk a lot better than you write.

    That being said I’m hearing a lot of people saying “I’m a fanboy so of course I’m against a reboot”- What does that really mean? I’m a fanboy and I’m FOR a reboot. Are we different kinds of fanboys?

    • SlashBeast

      All fanboys are the same.

    • Rodney

      I think that there are different kinds of fanboy. Purists, and just fanwhores. Purists want everything to stay the course and move forward, while fanwhores are just going to get itchy excited about anything with the word Spiderman on it.

      I am on the fence, as much as I want the series to continue (with Raimi and gang) I am a little excited to see what they do with it now. (and that it frees up Raimi for World of Warcraft)

      Like the normal spidey comics and the Ultimates. I like them both, and in this case I see the reboot like they are bringing out an Ultimates version.

      The only difference is that they are not going to keep them both running. That will sink in later.

    • James (Haz)

      I agree with the part of Brendan’s comment that said that you should do more podcasts

  • ADOX

    Thanks guys, downloading

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