Japanese The Last Airbender Trailer Online

I dont know about you, but this makes that last trailer look like it was for a completely different movie.

I had hopes for The Last Airbender, but got turned down a notch after the last trailer. But this Japanese one is mostly not even in English and I am suddenly into this film again.

Someone in the US Publicity Deptartment for this film needs to get fired.

  • http://devanprice.bigrosslabs.com/ Devan Price

    My music and audio teacher is letting us watch the cartoon series in his class. so far we have 1.5 seasons down and I’m already excited for this film.

  • http://www.dpflix.com chad

    I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the film but then I saw an interview with M Knight on you tube and a couple of trailers and I was SOLD. LOL. I am looking forward to this one. BTW, to the mods: Great site you have here I can’t believe I took so long to find it.

  • http://dannyscorneroftheuniverse.blogspot.com Danny

    This trailer does look much better. I still don’t like the casting but at least the trailer does a better job of drawing interest.

  • Ken

    That’s Japanese narration for you.
    just naturally makes action scenes have more power an depth than u actually believe is even there.
    New trailer=New hope

  • Harsh (gypsydreams101)

    Woah…..you’re right, this is SO much better…..woohoo, go Shyamalan!

  • JM

    I agree, this one is much better. From what little Japanese I know, it also does a better job of explaining the backstory/mythology than any of the US trailers have so far.
    Even the newest TV spot that just came out was better than the last trailer.