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December 6, 2010

First Look at Emma Stone Blond for Spider-Man

— Posted by Rodney

When people first heard that Emma Stone was cast as Peter Parker’s love interest in the upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, instantly everyone thought the sexy redheaded star would be playing Mary Jane Watson.

But when it was announced that she would be playing Gwen Stacy people were puzzled. But today we get our first look at Emma Stone with her natural hair colour restored to blond for the role, and she looks staggering!

This is the first I have seen of Stone blond as she has had red hair in everything I have ever seen her in and as a redhead lover, I utter the blasphemous words that I actually find her more attractive with the fair locks.

I just hope that Stone’s version of Gwen Stacy can be less dorky like she usually is. Not that I mind her slightly awkward side, in fact its one of the things that I think really make her attractive, but it is my only concern for the character.


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  • dave

    i think emma stone is freaking hot

  • chris

    not liking it… kinda freaky… red just works and I thought shed be amazing for mary jane

  • 420BAND

    Totally Hot, Kinda has a Elizabeth Banks vibe in that photo

  • Schulzy

    I don’t even recognize here…I prefer her with darker hair.

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