Uwe Boll’s Storm and Dafur Trailers Online

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Uwe Boll got a reputation of repeatedly violating video games and putting the results of his efforts on screen, then he did Postal and got quiet. Which is a big accomplishment for the man who shoots off his mouth making him the most entertaining director, even if his films were not.

But he got quiet because apparently he was making movies. Go figure.

First we have Dafur:

Since 2003 the crisis in Darfur has claimed the lives of over 300,000 civilians. 2.8 million Darfuri have been displaced within Sudan. The Janjaweed Militiy and Sudanese Government Forces have been responsible for the majority of the rape, torture and murder. 3.8 million people are dependent on international humanitarian aid. One half of these people are beyond the reach of such help.

In 2009 a group of international Journalists visited a village in the Darfur region under the protection of the African Union (AU). They were never the same again.

And then The Storm:

A stranger named Silas (Luke Perry) flees from a devastating storm and finds refuge with Tom (Steve Bacic) and Gillian (Lauren Holly) on their farm. While struggling with the Storm, Silas seems to be the only one who can help Tom and Gillian to find their son but there are other more dangerous forces out there, that are waiting for the three.

One very serious film, and one semiserious postapocalyptic film. And no distributor.

Are you looking forward to seeing either of these? Does Boll Directing make you curious if it could be good, or does it dampen your anticipation?


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  • Bamkazaam

    …….. 0_0

    hes still around? really? i thought he finally got the idea that he sucked beyond comprehension… well there you go.

    i’m just curious how bad this two movies are? if theres anything boll is good at its making uber terrible movies that hes proud of. hes got nothing in these trailers to even categorize as “a story”. All i see are some garbage scene put together as just an excuse to call it a “trailer”. whats up with kristana loken? whats she smoking? dang women, find another movie to be in. luke perry… of all things, he should know better.

    seriously, boll needs to know that he sucks in order to progress and stop hanging out with people that suck up to his ego. i blame the people around him more than boll himself. but then again maybe boll just … sucks.

  • Corey B.

    Uwe Boll should never step behind a camera again.

    • NoName


  • Iam Wright

    Uwe has equaled instant fail for me. I see the name connected to any film and I refuse to watch it. The man had a chance to listen to the critics and viewer’s complaints but instead kept making the exact same piles of garbage as the previous film. The man truly relies on the name of the film to be the selling factor and nothing else.

  • Mike Mai

    both very boring trailers. i doubt he can do a decent dafur movie

  • Audioout

    Jesus. At this point especially with the Darfur subject matter, I’m actually rooting for the guy but he can’t frame a scene to save his life.

    Maybe if he hired, like, the world’s best cinematographer with some of the money he’s got we’d have something half decent looking. I mean, it worked for Kevin Smith.

    • David Lopan

      I was thinking the same thing about his sound people. The sound for storm was sounding awful.

  • Darek-T

    I think if Boll kept his name off the Darfur project more people would probably go see it.

  • batdan

    how the hell is boll still employed?

  • townes

    Dafur = Flop
    Storm = Top

    (judging by the trailers)

  • David Lopan

    Can’t see the trailers just yet because I’m at work. However, the darfur theme seems like such a serious subject for such a weirdo like him to tackle. I hope he does it tastefully. The storm actually seems like a cool idea (from reading the premise) and I enjoyed Perry in OZ and John From Cincinnati. I’ll check out the trailers with an open mind but Boll is such an awful director that I’m not expecting much from them. I hope I’m wrong.