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November 24, 2009

The Asylum to release Princess of Mars instead of John Carter

— Posted by Rodney

Asylum films is responsible for those blatant ripoffs that are just this side of valid that have earned them the made up title of Mockbusters as each one is shamelessly attemping to monopolize on a popular franchise being produced by a big studio.

Among their shameless titles are Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train and The Terminators. And their latest attempt will bank on the anticipated John Carter of Mars called Princess of Mars. Staring Traci Lords.

io9 shares:

Can’t wait another couple years for the Andrew Stanton-Michael Chabon John Carter Of Mars movie? You don’t have to. Asylum, maker of so many bargain-basement epics, is putting out Princess Of Mars now. The trailer reveals Traci Lords’ Deja Thoris.

And just in case you were wondering, here is the trailer for this guaranteed masterpiece.

The Asylum has found a great deal of success with this formula and while they have the finances to become a “real” studio making films of their own there is no reason for them to. They ride that copyright line close enough to not get sued. And it works.

And they are providing enough intentional B movies to make sure the genre doesnt fade to obscurity.

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  • 420BAND

    What happened was people saw Sky Captain.

    for the record: it was pretty cool 4 me.

  • SlashBeast

    But the movie it’s ripping off isn’t even out yet!

    • Rodney

      Asylum Films simply rides the buzz and popularity of films just released or like this one, are anticipated releases.

      If they jump the gun sometimes, maybe some people will think they are not the ones copying other films. lol

      • SlashBeast

        That’s what I was worried about. Maybe people will view John Carter as the rip-off!
        That would be ironic.

      • Arthur Davis

        It’s certainly possible that some people may view John Carter as the rip-off movie, as “A Princess of Mars” is actually the original title of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel!

        On a side note, Kerry Conran, the director of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, used to be attached to the John Carter project. Does anyone have any idea what’s become of him? In general? Is he even still in the film business? His IMDB page is the emptiest I ever saw.

  • Doug

    I’m really confused how they get away with this stuff. When Cameron is sued by Delgo, and these are just blatant ripoffs. Is it because the major studios just don’t care and it’s not worth their time or money to sue Asylum? Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain the legal stuff.

  • Darren J Seeley

    You almost make this sound like a good thing.
    Tsk Tsk Tsk

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