The Movie Blog: Uncut - Recorded September 3rd 2008

Hey there folks! For your viewing and listening enjoyment is The Movie Blog: Uncut that was originally recorded on Wednesday September 3rd 2008.

1) Ghost Rider 2?!?!

2) A new “darker” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie

3) A new Tarzan adaptation not based on the source material

4) Top 10 Best Movie Villains for the summer of 2008

5) We take questions and comments from the live chat board

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  • Red Sky Design

    Hey guys…

    I think with the record album/movie question, he was asking about movies based on albums.

    Pink Floyd: The Wall
    The Who: Tommy, Quadrophenia

    I can’t think of any other movies based on albums. But, Dream Theater’s “Scenes From a Memory” would make an interesting movie. As would “2112” by Rush.

    And for Doug, there’s a movie called “Thunderstruck” from 2004 - an Australian movie about 4 friends who venture across Australia to visit Bon Scott’s resting place.


    oh thank god!

    just fopund out that trailer was fake (phew)

    i thought it was legit because it was in their website (why would they put fan made trailers in their official site???)

    sorry john… = /

  • Dollar Llana

    Man for oscars I would like to see I would go with Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Foster or Christian Bale.

    I agree with John on Age of Apoc, but I would also like to see 100 bullets. You guys need to check that out. It is about a mysterious man who shows up to random folks and gives them an untraceable gun so that they can freely kill someone who has fucked up their lives. It is insanely dark, and the visuals are even more insanely beautiful.

    Also I would love an HBO mini series on Walking Dead, just too much for one movie. Anyone with me?