The Movie Blog: Uncut - Recorded July 30th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the 300th installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut. This episode was originally recorded live on Wednesday July 30th 2008. Take off your shoes, kick back, relax and listen in as Doug and I discuss:

1) The new Harry Potter trailer and how they’ve done things right

2) Angelina Jolie as Catwoman???

3) Patrick Swayze kicks crap out of Cancer

4) Cheech and Chong together again

5) Bitch Slap

6) Punisher: Warzone disaster

7) Mummy and Swing Vote opening

8) Taking questions from the live interactive Chat Board

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  • Shane

    I am with John on this one. Again, no 110% gaurantee Punisher War Zone will blow, suck, rain shit, or whatever cuss-realted insult, but you cannot ignore all the bad signs. Fired & gagged their own director(who was a bad choice anyway), & made ridiculous time slots for the panels. I am not speaking as if Tom Jane were god, but I speak of him as being a fan of the character and comics, & being one of the only people working for it in the first place. I liked the 2004, (I have both versions), I did not mind all the little separations from the comic, but you’ve got to know that that was 4 years before Marvel Studios came into being, and they just kind of threw their material where they could to make money. Marvel has basically no control over movies whose rights are rented out. And, they did 2004 on a $30,000,000 budget, and a month to shoot it. Shooting in Tampa was less expensive, & I think the origin was slightly more interesting than the old comics. His WHOLE family gets slaughtered. The whole veteran argument is bullshit because he was a marine in the movie, and moved up to FBI before retiring. Extended Cut has footage of a Kuwait battle scene that was intended, but never made it. There is no evidence whatsoever that War Zone will be a good movie.

    As for the other 50 minutes of the episode(congrats on 300 btw): I would prefer to skip over a new Catwoman movie and put her into Batman 3. Transformers was a little bit of a letdown in the department of actually being about the Transformers, and the sequel doesn’t look much better. I think the new Mummy may be a decent movie, it isn’t faithful to the first two(which I enjoyed), and so it doesn’t feel like a “Mummy” movie. The Dark Knight was magnificent, but it felt a little bloated to me. Hoping for a nice solid trilogy, but there is just too much that you would have to accomplish in just one more movie.
    -Batman becoming the hero of Gotham
    -Catwoman and her involvement
    -so many villain possiblities
    And plus, how can we move forward with the Joker if it’s a brand new person playing him. Harry Potter 6 looks good. I have read the books, so I have a kind of disability to see past the major pieces that were left out in the film versions. I think #5 was kind of just done “okay okay let’s wrap this up so we can move on”, and I think there was a bit more potential to make the movie better. I cannot imagine how #6 could do badly, because you cannot remove anything from the books without removing the whole story. Hooray for Patrick, Cheech, & Chong. I was hoping to hear something about Max Payne, being new to the whole thing I was interested. Oh well. Maybe next time.

  • Doug Nagy

    I forgot that fact while we were doing the show Orren, but I remember now after you reminded me. I think getting his nephew was a fantastic touch.

  • Darek

    Hey is it possible to download the video version of this podcast, instead of just the audio version?