The Movie Blog: Uncut - Recorded July 28th 2008

Here is the podcast for The Movie Blog: Uncut which was originally broadcast live on Monday July28th. You can watch the video below or listen to the audio only feed at the bottom. New podcast feeds coming this week.

You can listen to or download the audio only version here:


  • Ross Miller

    Sorry if this sounds naive but is Chuck Norris REALLY reading the questions to you guys or is it an (in-)joke?

  • Phil Gee

    The show is as fun as ever guys. My only concern would be that the chatboard on the site really needs to be bigger. I think a lot of fans won’t even bother using it if they can’t have a proper chat with three of four other people on the board because its so small that their words vanish after a few seconds and nobody can read it.

  • alfie

    The Dark Knight won’t beat titanic. Just not going to happen. There is a slim chance that it might beat it domestically if it continues to go the way its going but I don’t see it doing that either. and people should not bother going on about how at this stage titanic had only made x amount etc etc titanic only opened to like 40 million or something. it was initially thought to be a disaster (s’cuse the pun) for everyone involved and then it just took off and never slowed down… definitely won’t beat it worldwide….It is not going to make over 1.7 billion dollars or whatever it is that titanic made……..and john how about you address all these guys who are claiming that dent is alive….jesus christ its fucking annoying…..I know i shouldn’t take it so seriously but hes fucking dead. the whole film leads to that to do anything else is and tacky where they fuck do they take his character from what they did in this film……it was the summation of the whole theme of the film

  • Sean

    I second what Krintina said.

    Also, I think there is a very real chance Dark Knight could beat Titanic. If you think about it, there isn’t too much left to come this summer, and the positive word of mouth is insanely good. I think this movie will have legs for at least another month or so.

  • Steven Carroll

    Hopefully the Wolverine will be good. People are complaining that Alpha Flight isn’t in the movie? These people might want to remember that Wolverine didn’t start off in Alpha Flight. His first appearance is in The Incredible Hulk. So it should be a Hulk vs. Wolverine movie then. I don’t care, as long as I have a good time watching it.

  • Krintina

    Seriously, John and Doug, you guys have the best “on screen” chemistry and you just make watching something as boring as two guys just talking in chair really entertaining. I’ve been listening to the show for years and I just wanted to say that.

    Oh, and I like the new look over last months a lot more. Good improvement!

  • rafa1215

    Aww you two have the same haircut - aww.

  • George

    I much prefer a joker with no background but the killing joke is a great comic.

  • Robby

    Background looks wicked! I have to say, The Joker they based Heath’s Joker on is the Joker from the first appearance in 1940-something. In that comic, there is no explanation for the way he looks; he just is that way. The chemical burn thing came later on, and I didn’t like it, because giving an origin to that character is stupid. You can’t give an evil character an origin. Evil is born. Read the original Joker comic. That is what Nolan went after. No backstory, no explanation.

  • designslave

    I like the new background, very nice. Much better setting. Also glad yo got rid of the desk.