The Movie Blog: Uncut - Recorded August 13th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the Wednesday installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut. This episode was originally recorded live on Wednesday August 13th 2008. I am joined by the triumphantly returning Doug Nagy, and near the end of the show we are joined by special guest Jaclyn A. Smith (Eureka, 2 American Pie movies). Take off your shoes, kick back, relax and listen in as we discuss:

1) Billy Bob as the new Freddy?

2) Averngers writer directing Jason and the Argonauts remake

3) Lionsgate hire new writers for Conan remake

4) Does anyone care about Vin Diesel anymore?

5) Should they bother with IMAX?

6) Taking questions from the live chat board

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  • DeAnte T. Goodloe

    Damn Jaclyn A. Smith is FINE! Please have her on again!

  • Scott

    Neither of the podcast feeds work. :-( Help?

  • TheDutch

    I would appreciate making the show earlier. But I would think about broadcasting daily, there could get to much routine in it.

    Another thing: Please be carefull with spoiling about the Dark Knight (like last week), some of us european guys didn’t have the chance to see it.

  • Phil Gee

    Holy shit, that was a funny show. I’m really bummed that i wasn’t able to be there for that one.

    In respect of IMAX, i find that unlike what 3D is threatening to do in the next couple of years, there are only ever going to be a limited number of IMAX screens so its technology is restricted to only a few select ‘epic’ type blockbusters and the experience for the IMAX lover like me is never over-saturated. I love IMAX specifically because it is an event that i can only go to one or twice a year and so it remains special. To be honest, i really see it as nothing more than an ultra posh and premium way of seeing a blockbuster movie that differs from the usual multiplex because you are getting the biggest screen, the biggest auditorium, the best sound, the plushest seats, its clean and not once have I ever had to put up with the kind of disruptive audiences that we all get when we go to the regular cinema. That is why its special to me.

    “Oh they’re snow people”
    (I had tears in my eyes from that Mr Nagy)

  • John

    Hey Padthai,

    I think you’re misunderstanding what “business” is. Business is not being an accountant. The business and of things asks if it will be marketable, if an audience can be found and make money. That’s true of the CEO of any company. The bosses are concerned about the BUSINESS, but they’re not accountants.

    The artists worry about the art, not the marketability of it. Once you cross that line, you get into BUSINESS.

    My point is, and has always been, the the first concern in the movie business… is business, not the art. The art comes a high second, but always behind the business concerns.

    The head execs at all the studios are Business people, that’s their jobs.