The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast - June 2nd 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the weekly Monday round table installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast. Join as Doug, Darren and I discuss:

1) Movies that have bombed so far in 2008

2) The voice of the Hulk

3) Transformers winning the 2008 MTV Movie of the Year Award

4) Sex and the City results

5) Donnie Darko 2

6) Fire at Universal Studios

7) People who makes excuses about movies they either do or do not like

All this and a few things more.


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  • Bruce

    @ robert - Where are you getting your facts in your first para? i would say its all the complete opposite. JP didn’t have min cgi because it was expensive or difficult. you cant say a film that was one of the first to use cgi in a motion picture like it did, only used what it did because thats all it needed. cgi would have been cheap as chips back then, know one was using it and it was not in demand. It cost so much now because its apart of holliwood and people think its soo impressive, its the newest gimick and it seems to have stuck. That fooking mech bit in revolution wanst that like 5 5 mil??? wtf for?

  • http://WWW.LORDTHYBOB.COM Robert

    I think the problem with “too much cgi” is that with a budget, cgi is easy. Lucas just says, make me a gopher and boom, ILM makes a gopher, and some monkies, aliens, etc. With practical effects, Someone would’ve said, do we really need gophers? Jurassic Park did not have too much cgi, cgi was expensive and difficult, so it only had what was needed for the film, nothing extraneous.

    Also, practical effects can go wrong and challenge a director. Ford was sick one day and said “why don’t I just shoot the guy with the sword?” and we got a character defining moment instead of a stand in doing the fight and CGing it to look like Ford. And the mechanical Jaws was constantly breaking, which largely led to the first person (first shark?) view of the sharks hunts which made Jaws more suspensful. (Would “Da-na…Da-na da-na, da-na” be as famous?)

    And for me, practical effects impress me more. I know the actor didn’t do them, but if I know every effect is a practical one, some stunt guy is doing some impressive work.

  • George

    John its not the fact that there is CGI in indiana jones that people are complaining about. Its the fact that its BAD cgi. It has to be the worst work ILM has ever done.

  • Bruce

    Kristina im with you, people who say that stuff dont or are not aware that film is an art and there are ways in constructing them so they work. Im not saying there is a “good” or “bad” but with across the universe i think people get hooked because its beetles songs and its related to there time frame…but come 70s revolution and beatles music how cleaver is that!!!!! stupidest idea ever, if they marked that movie as a comedy id watch it. to me people tend to think kinda like robots because if they say “well i thought you like musicals” then thats dumb, fair enough a person might, but if the film dont hold up and you know a little bit about film, it would be annoying.

    the wachowskis have done the same thing Lucas did, the made one successful film and created a name for them selfs. All they are known for is the matrix and bullet time which sent us in to a new era of film making(trendy camera work) . lucas fluked star wars and over time set up a visual effects company, thats all he is known for. Every other movie they have both made in the last 10 years has been horrible. In fact go back and watch the matrix know and listen to the dialogue.

  • Kristina

    The MTV Movie Awards are worthless, always have been, always will be, and truth be told, most of the movies that go on that show to get pimped are ones that I end up skipping anyway. Maybe some subliminal part of my brain responds negatively to blatant whoring and chooses to skip those films out of spite.

    Sex and the City is gonna drop like a rock next weekend. I saw it last night and it just drags on and on forever. The plot is stupid as hell, Miranda is even more annoying in the movie than in the TV show(and I honestly didn’t think that was possible), and I found myself getting bored by all of the contrived “drama” going on. I honestly wish that they had just left well enough alone. The finale to the show was a lovely send-off. This movie was just…depressing, truth be told. They couldn’t stop crying! If they make a sequel, I won’t see it. They had no business making this thing as long as it was. This isn’t some epic like LOTR. It’s Sex and the friggin City. The dialogue snaps, crackles, and pops in a television format, but stretching it out for two and half hours was a terrible idea.

    I’ve had to deal with the whole “making excuses” thing, from both sides. I recently watched Scarface for the first time, and loved it, while my friend hated it. Violent shit is usually right up his alley, but he detested this film,a nd I couldn’t for the life of me understand why he hated it so much. I have friends who LOVED Across The Universe when they saw it. I was literally counting the tiles on the ceiling of the theater while I watched that movie. It was abysmal, but I catch so much shit when I say that I hate it. “You don’t GET it!” “But you love musicals! Why can’t you love this one?!” and my favorite, “What? You hated it? What’s wrong with you?” Nothing’s fucking wrong with me. Something’s wrong with this piece of shit movie.