The Movie Blog: Uncut - March 24th 2008

Hey there guys! This is your new installment of The Movie Blog Uncut. Sorry for the lack of shows the last 2 weeks. Doug and I were in Texas at the SXSW festival, and then I got sick as hell… Doug and I tried to record a podcast last week, but we had to stop half way through because I was coughing and hacking all the way through it. I’m still sick… but much better! Sadly Doug isn’t here today, but I am joined by Miss Serena Whitney!

Together we discuss:

- The big Party
- The Redesign
- Drillbit Taylor
- Horton Hears A Who
- Speed Racer

All this and a few things more.


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  • Shane

    I agree that speed racer will be a disaster. It just makes me want to stick my head out of the window and yell “Iceberg right ahead!”

  • Chip Chief

    I know you have already responded John, but honestly that lozenging was making me sick. Take care of yourself. If you are sick, we can wait for you to get better. I really wanted to listen, I usually love the show, but geez.

  • John

    Hey Ian,

    As i already responded to Bert:

    “No man, I’m still sick and I was sucking on Halls lozenges all through the show so I wouldn’t hack and cough all the way through it. :P”

    It’s either that, or no show.