The Movie Blog: Uncut - June 9th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the Monday installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast. Today the whole gang is here, so join us at Doug, Darren, Bruxy and I discuss:

1) Early Incredible Hulk buzz

2) The possibility of Jumper 2

3) Transformers 2 “Fallen” ideas

4) Disaster Movie

5) WGA Strike final tally

6) Kung Fu Panda results

7)Movies that have lost the most money

8) What makes you need to see a movie on the big screen instead of on DVD?

9) What makes you buy one DVD and not another?

All this and a few things more.


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  • John

    Hey FinalJoe,

    You clearly don’t understand how I’m using the word. There is a mythology to the Transformers history. Millions of years old. It is what it is.

  • finaljoe

    Stop using the word “mythology” in reference to Transformers Campea. The Greeks have a mythology based on stories thousands of years old. Transformers is a movie based on a fucking toyline. There is nothing mythological about it.

  • Monty

    @WADE and PHIL GEE

    Treasure Planet may not be included due to whether or not the 140 million also includes the marketing and print budgets, if so then the actual production budget would be 100 mil vs 92 mil worldwide boxoffice, but if not, then Treasure Planet definately should be on the list.

    The list of top 20 movie money losers and winners can be found at:

    Incidentally, Prince Caspien is currently listed at #7 not #1. it still slowly making money.

  • John

    Hey Joey,

    Actually Apatow didn’t write it. He came up with the concept for it with Sandler and thus got an additional credit, but the script itself was written by Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel

  • Joey

    I did find it kind of funny that you guys mentioned that Adam Sandler is trying to outdo the Apatow clan when Judd Apatow actually wrote “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”.

  • calviin

    How terrible will Darren feel when his friend gets arrested?

  • calviin

    Two thing:
    First, you didn’t really read Rodney’s article…
    The Fallen was only one transformer. Not a race of transformers.

    Second, The Fallen will not be in the movie. The title is not referencing the transformer. You’re being lead astray of facts.