• http://www.stalepopcorn.co.uk Kristina

    Be ready to be JEALOUS. I just got an email from my film committee prez, telling me that he just scored passes to go see IRON MAN on April 29th!



  • http://www.stalepopcorn.co.uk Kristina


    Wedding Singer is a little less loud and brash, but at the heart, it’s still the Sandler schtick.

  • Slushie Man

    Robert, Scanners isn’t due until November. We still have LOTS of time to hear more about that.

  • Slushie Man

    NBAKid, you should watch Reign Over Me, with Don Cheedle and Adam Sandler. It’s not really a comedy like Sandler’s other flicks. I normally hate Sandler too, but this movie really showed that he really can be a serious actor when he wants to be.

  • nbakid2000

    @ Kristina

    I’ve been told by Sandler fans that The Wedding Singer is actually different than his other comedies and that’s why I gave it a little bit of leniency. Apparently they’re wrong?

  • http://www.thisuniverse.tk Robert(wolf)

    I hate Sandler.

    Scanners is meant to come out this year, I hope we hear something from it soon.

    I agree about Meet Dave, I even refuse to watch the trailer.