Movie Blog Uncut - April 14th 2008

Welcome to this installment of The Movie Blog Uncut Monday Roundtable edition. Today, Ashley, Sharon and I discuss:

1) Jason Reitman was offered Justice League

2) Is the Canadian Government censoring? No.

3) Street Kings

4) Smart People

5) Lindsay Lohan offers to go nude

All this and a few things more.


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  • djspike

    i wish the podcast were longer. wish people can just leave this stop bashing John Campea

  • Bobby


    But… these pod casts are just not the same anymore. :(
    I miss the original lineup… !!! Wow, no Doug on a pod cast is just
    plain boring. John, your news is always insightful but Doug was definitely the fun and laughter!!! These chicks are just plain BORING…! Sorry John… but it’s just not the same!!!

    I have nothing against them but they don’t offer ANY THING!!!! They just answer your questions… Sometimes, it sounds like there a sleep until you ask them a question.

    Uhhh…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    PLEASE… Doug, get back soon and get those kick ass one liners,
    insightful jokes, and outrageous comments BACK on the show!!!!

    ORIGINAL FORM…. !!! PLEASE… before I fall asleep here…

    Get well soon Doug!!!


  • Freeman

    Could anyone provide a reason why all the podcasts from this website get cut off early? Sometimes they get cut off at 5 minutes and sometimes at 25 minutes.

  • Phil Gee

    I think she was nude for a second in ‘The River Wild’ as well.

    Lohan doesn’t seem to understand that she shouldn’t talk to the press about future career hopes while her career is a joke. If she wants to bounce back then she should, in my opinion, just go off the radar, study her craft and work hard at it, and audition. I have enough faith in this world that if she actually is capable of a good performance then her break will come….then she’ll probably screw up again but we’ll see. If ‘Fiddy Cent’ can be in movies with DeNiro……

    Anyway, thanks for the show guys.

  • Jesse


    This is the thing about that.
    I chose to do a Full Frontal type scene in the new horror film I have coming out.

    As a guy, that’s a difficult choice to make. People may only see a penis (depending on how the film is edited) and may not see why I did that scene the way I did it. I took a Risk, but it fit the moment in the film. That is why I chose to do it. Not because it will make me a better Actor, just because it was right for the scene.

    No one sould ever do Nudity to Validate their acting ability. That’s a Sad way to prove anything.

    Also, MERYL STREEP. Was naked in the film “Silkwood” ( But it fit the character, it was for the scene where she is Hosed down after she is contaminated. It was acurate for the scene. But she’s never just stripped down to show off the goods to make people think she was a better actor.

    It’s different for everyone. But I think it shows that you’ll take a risk if you’ve never gone in that direction before. It may show depth depending on the moment in the film. Or it may just show that you are an exobitionist.

    It’s all subjective I guess.

  • Kristina

    And here’s some info about the producers turning her full monty down.

  • Kristina

    I’d rather see a World’s Finest movie than Justice League.

    Lindsay Lohan IS overrated, not to mention one helluva hot mess.