Rose McGowan to be Red Sonja

Rose McGowan is the stuff wet dreams are made of, but I am near certain she wouldn’t have much of a career if it wasn’t for her director boytoy Robert Rodriguez lining her up in all his gigs. The Barbarella remake is set to star Rose, and now he wants her to take on Red Sonja.

Comingsoon says:

According to USA Today, real-life couple director Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are teaming up to bring Red Sonja back to the big screen.Neither of them were officially announced before. The only thing that was revealed previously was that Millennium Films had committed to reviving the Robert E. Howard-created property. David N. White was announced as the screenwriter.

Rose is seriously hot, so she fills the fantasy medieval plate-mail bikini quotient, but can she even lift something bigger than an iPod?

If they go with this, I would love to see the posters, but considering the considerably fit she warrior Brigitte Nielsen was brought in to play the unconquerable woman I doubt Rose could really BE Red Sonja.

So why is she even being considered? Oh right. I’d give her the part if I was Robert. Hell. I’d give her anything.

There is a REAL reason this role has never been duplicated. No woman has had the balls to do it.

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29 thoughts on “Rose McGowan to be Red Sonja

  1. I thought that she would look perfect for the role. And she could weight train if she wanted to! otherwise i’ll do it. I’m hot and have an athletic build with great dyed red hair!!

  2. i love the charmed ones, even rose is not yet in the picture.. but i love it a lot when she comes in.. i have been seen some of rose mcgowan movies. and shes fine i like her so much… lets just give rose mcgowan a chance to show her talent that she can make red sonja a hit after the witchy witchy thing and be again an actress for that role…
    go girl! girl power once again!

  3. Well, my point was that I think she could make a very believable pissed off sword vixen. I based that off of Baise-moi. I know it isn’t a good movie. However, it proves her raw toughness that she could bring to a character like Red Sonja.

    Oh, and I never called it a “fluff movie”. I most certianly would never call any comic movie a “fluff movie” since they are pretty much the movies that I want to be made to be the best.

    Because as sad as it may sound, Comics are life and art to me.

  4. Not judgemental at all. But I have YET to see a “crossover” porn star that is making a good solid career as a real actor.

    Porn interviews tend to consist of how much you spent on your breasts and how many holes you can take it in. They don’t care if you cant act.

    And just because the character was from b-movie gold, movies like IronMan and Batman are showing us with a little effort these fluff movies can be GREAT.

    So why settle for a non actor for the role?

  5. Red Sonja is a role that doesn’t really need master thespians and there are plenty of crossover stars that are making great strides in movies of this level lately, Mr. Rodney.

    A tad judgemental?

  6. Rob, you also might have overlooked the fact that shes a porn star. And not a particularly attractive one at that.

    The adult film world hardly has a reputation for giving us master thespians.

  7. Wow. I feel like such an ass. How did I miss her death and the fact that it happenned three years ago and was a suicide? TRAGIC! Colour me em·bar·rassed!

  8. Jonny, what makes you think that they should limit themselves to someone born with red hair?

    This is Hollywood. They can make a man fly, explode, shapeshift, and even look like an alien. Hair colour is too much of a stretch for you?

    Rose looks good in red hair (though I prefer her brunette) but shes a waif. No warrior woman should be played by a waif.

  9. BOBBYBOY… not a bad choice but what about: Karen Bach?
    She’d be a great Red Sonja.

    …of course no one will ever be as tough a female as Jenette Goldstein as the Space Marine Vasquez in “ALIENS”.

  10. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    i think Rachel Nichols should be Red Sonja

  11. IMO - i would rather see super hot rose kick ass then some beef cake bimbo. people buy angelina and milla as action stars and they are both super thin.

    if you can buy either one of them being able to knock a dude out with one punch, then you should be able to buy rose being able to lift a sword.

  12. I’m usually the kind of person who would say ‘give the benefit of the doubt’, but I’m going to have to side with the int’l friends here. I really don’t see the casting choice. But didn’t we already *have* this talk for the on/off again Barbarella remake?

    Could Rose McGowan be another character, however?
    And yes, I also agree, int’l friends. I never found her hot either. Her charmed co-star Alyssa Miliano, on the other hand, damn right.

    Anyway, if Roses aren’t Red (ha ha)
    then who would I consider?

    Liv Tyler or Claire Stansfield

  13. Miles, she cant LIFT the sword.

    I admit the boner potential is off the charts, but if she cant pull of a convincing physical presence in a barbarian’s world, how can this work.

    Will make for awesome posters….

  14. i just read everyone’s comments and am suprised….i thought more people would be on board.

    i have a large collection of the comic books and have always found rose to be a very attractive girl…dye that hair red, put her in a chainmail bikini and everything is coming up aces in my book.

    she devil with a sword - huzzah.

  15. I am really starting to feel sorry for Rodriguez.
    He apparently has to get his bitchy, bimbo girlfriend work and through this ruining his own reputation in the film community.
    Rose as Red Sonja? Yeah right, as if anyone would be even remotely interested in seeing that.
    This will probably their next project after BARBARELLA, which also will never get made.
    Sorry Rose, you’re not right for these parts. You don’t have the looks, you don’t have the charisma and you don’t have the star power. NO ONE CARES!

  16. This has to be a rumor at best, don’t you think it’s a bit odd that this project comes from out of the blue just only weeks after “Women in Chains was confirmed? Sounds more like someone’s having a go at their expense.

    BTW In response to Kristina regarding whether a couple should work together, do the names Rob Zombie and Sherri Moon ring a bell by chance?

  17. Also, since the Red Sonja (with a J) trademark is owned by one corporation, and King Kull and Conan trademarks are owned by a separate corporation, and both corporations just settled out of a nasty lawsuit, I think it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any crossovers in the near future.

  18. Red Sonya (with a Y) was created by Robert E. Howard in the short story The Shadow of the Vulture. She was a swordswoman from 16th century France.

    Red Sonja (with a J) was Red Sonya (with a Y) as adapted by Roy Thomas for the Conan comic books. She is a swordswoman from Hyrkania, in the Hyborian Age.

    So 1138 is correct. Red Sonja (with a J) is the one that was featured prominently in the Conan comics. This is also the version that appeared in the first movie, and will most likely appear in the new one.

    King Kull has little to do with the literary Red Sonya (with a Y), and only has a connection to the comic book Red Sonja (with a J) by virtue of the fact that she co-exists in the same time period as Conan, The Hyborian Age, which is set thousands of years after the adventures of King Kull, in both the original short stories and the comics.

    So Conan, King Kull, and to a lesser extent, Red Sonja all inhabit the same world, though a King Kull cameo is unlikely (though not impossible considering he once fought alongside Bran Mak Morn) since he would be long dead by Red Sonja’s time.

  19. Its not an issue of height. Its an issue of a warrior woman who is barely 100lbs. Shes just not physical enough.. .regardless of height.

  20. As far as the height thing, I don’t think that is such a big deal. After all, Johnathan Rhys-Davies isn’t 4 feet tall but he sure pulled of Gimli didn’t he? Can she do it? Sure. Why not? Truth be told I never really thought that much of her until I saw “Planet Terror” (You know, the NOT boring as shit part of Grindhouse) and was kicked in the pituitary gland by her hotness IN THAT ROLE. The prospect of this movie doesn’t excite me as much as the reaction from Doug. Will he rant against it? WIll he cheer on a triumphant return of Hollywood to the Barbarian Tit Movie?

    Who knows?

  21. Actually the Red SonYa that you recall from the Conan books is not the Red Sonja from the movie.

    The Red Sonja from the movie is actually part of the same world as Kull the Conquerer. With any luck Kevin Sorbo will make a cameo appearance as Kull.

    Kull and Conan were both created by the same guy (Kull was actually first) and there is a clear comparison, but they are entirely two different franchises.

  22. Rodriguez is a hack who now hires his girlfriend for movies…nice.

    Oh well I guess me thinking he was going to be the next great action director is now officially down the toilet.

    Rose Mcgowan, who I do like as an actress and is true hottie, needs to grow to 6′ 2″ tall and put on some serious muscle to be Red Sonja…at least that’s how I remembered her from Conan in the comics.

  23. Working together this much will only harm this “relationship”. People go to work to get the hell out of the house, not have the house follow them to work.

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