Get Him to the Greek

Jonah Hill will be joining forces with Russell Brand once again in the comedy Get Him to the Greek. We get the following scoop from the professionals at Variety:

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” helmer Nick Stoller is reteaming with Judd Apatow and Universal Pictures for the comedy “Get Him to the Greek,” with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand attached to star. Stoller has been tapped to write and direct the laffer, which centers on a fresh-out-of-college insurance adjuster (Hill) who is hired to accompany an out-of-control rock star (Brand) from London to a gig at L.A.’s Greek Theater.

Hill and Brand played supporting roles in U’s “Sarah Marshall”; Stoller made his feature directing debut on the pic. “During the table read on ‘Sarah Marshall,’ Jonah and Russell had such a great chemistry,” said Stoller, who described “Greek” as a very dirty take on “Almost Famous.” “Even though they are such different actors with different styles, I thought there could be a great buddy comedy there.”

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand were funny together in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it will be cool to see them in another story. Russell Brand looks like a rock star and from what I have read - has already lived the life of one. At the Forgetting Marshall premier I walked by him a few times en route to the washroom and he was glammed out like it was 1986 - this role will fit like a glove.

There is plenty of room for hilarity with this plot outline. From A to B there is a lot of trouble a rock star can get into in Los Angeles. This film will no doubt be a full tilt foray into rock and roll debauchery with Jonah Hill being the voice of reason and temperance! Sounds decent so far, now we wait for further news to see how it fleshes out.

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7 thoughts on “Get Him to the Greek

  1. My husband and I were in Las Vegas today and saw them shooting a scene in front of Planet Hollywood. It was pretty interesting to watch. We had no idea what it was or who was in it, til we got home and searched the title on the back of the directors chairs on the internet.

  2. His web site says he’s traveling to LA tomorrow to start rehearsals for this movie, I have become addicted to this man & his beautiful spirit, humor, talent,kindness,(not to mention he’s gorgeous!)he has a heart of gold & I love him to pieces, Hare Krishna as Russ would aay :D

  3. Im actually really excited - i finally saw forgetting sarah marshall last night and loved brand and hills scenes together

    this movie will rock!

  4. i think this guy was hilarious in forgetting sarah marshal- i love the accent makes him sound like a bigger douche, but its funny as hell

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