John Reviews The Break Up

John gives his quick 3 minute review of the new Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston comedy “The Break Up”

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8 thoughts on “John Reviews The Break Up

  1. I was not let down by this film. I though it was going to be rubish and it was.
    Its yet another “romantic comedy” which isnt that funny as all of this type of films seem to have the same jokes!

  2. They should of reshot the entire movie. How does a movie get released to movie theaters with so many errors. I lost count on how many times i had seen the overhead microphone. It gets kinda distracting watching the movie when you here people saying “there is the mike again.”

  3. John - Wasn’t it The Break Up you mentioned having been rewritten because the test audience didn’t like the ending they had?

    If that’s the case it sounds like they’ve shot themselves in the foot regardless.

  4. I’m really not a Vaughn fan. He lost me after the “Wedding Crashers” which I really didn’t enjoy. To boot, I’m not a big Aniston fan either. This has nothing going for me.

    I like the video review. Very professional. Nice touch.

  5. Good as always. I’m glad the problem with the video starting automaticly when you enter the site has been fixed.

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