John Reviews Batman Begins 8/10

Besides Revenge of the Sith, the new Batman Begins has been the one film I’ve been looking forward to more than any other this summer. On Tuesday I had a chance to catch it. Folks… it does not disappoint.

The story wastes no time whatsoever. I love it when movie doesn’t doddle. Right from the opening credits the film jumps head first into the important parts of the story. And man was the story told well! There were even a couple of tears in the audience over the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

The Dark Knight has never been this well represented on the big screen. This is EASILY the best Batman film ever made… and probably in the top 2 or 3 of the best comic book films ever made. Yes, it’s that good.

In this film, Batman is truly a dark character. Vicious, angry, fear inducing. When Bruce puts on the cowl and cape his true self comes out. This is the Batman film that Batman fans have been waiting to see.

Christian Bale was just FANTASTIC! This guy was born to play Batman. He was the perfect personification of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Previous actors who took on the Mantle were usually good at either one or the other. Bale nails them both. Also exceptional were Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine.

On the negative side, Katie Holmes was as stiff as a board (as if we didn’t already know that from the trailers), and sadly it appears that even Christopher Nolan isn’t immune from the HORRIBLE “Shaking Camera During Fights” syndrome. I HATE THAT!!!! Half of the fights I couldn’t tell what the hell was going on!!! Why the HELL do directors do this?!?! It almost ruined the whole stinking movie for me.

Anyway, side from the suck ass shaking camera and Katie Holmes, this movie just rocks. I had a wonderful time at it and I’m sure you will too. I give Batman Begins an 8/10.

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30 thoughts on “John Reviews Batman Begins 8/10

  1. This Movie has reopened the Batman franchize. I saw it and I was trill to see it. Was action all the way. Some trama in the jail years and ninja years of Batman was not explain well. Everything else was well presented. I think it was worth every dollar i spent. I had fun, I was trilled. Now my questions were answered, He gets his toys from rejected technology, but wow what a car (armored to the top).

    Definetly this Film gets his hype. Is more into reality. Think of this. I seen Batman to be a superhero that can realy become a reality because there is many gadjets and technology to match. And also there is a lot of people out there that are as weird as crazzy that can take this role or roles.

    Im ready for a sequel but it will be great if Theatres lower their prices a bit. And the consession stands omy heres my middle finger. bye

  2. 1. Batman’s a ninja? Seriously? A ninja? If this isn’t 1983 and Michael Dudikoff isn’t in the movie, then that is just friggin’ lame. How many times are they going to “reimagine” the origin of Batman? What’s wrong with him being a rich vigilante with gadgets? Does he really need to be a ninja? Really?

    the batman as ninja thing has been around in comics a long damn time.

    well thank you Captain Obvious

    yeah, because thats so obvious to anyone who doesn’t read comics. thank you for adding a relevant comment.

  3. I have to say that I was disappointed by this film, though every other film geek seems to be urinating in ecstasy over it.

    It was decent, but it was certainly no better than Sith, with which I was also disappointed.



    Spoiler space over, okay? Not that it’ll help those of you on google.

    1. Batman’s a ninja? Seriously? A ninja? If this isn’t 1983 and Michael Dudikoff isn’t in the movie, then that is just friggin’ lame. How many times are they going to “reimagine” the origin of Batman? What’s wrong with him being a rich vigilante with gadgets? Does he really need to be a ninja? Really?

    2. What is wrong with Christian Bale’s teeth? I know this seems picky, but he almost has a lisp. All his “angry lines” didn’t work for me, because all I could hear was the whistle of his surgically enhanced overbite.

    3. Rutger Hauer.

    4. Whenever I think “evil leader of an ancient ninja society,” I think Liam Neeson.

    5. Was there a villain in this film? What friggin’ waste of the Scarecrow.

    6. The “scary gas” didn’t work consitently. Or, at least it doesn’t work on cute little kids neslted in Katie Holmes’ bosom.

    7. This was supposed to be a serious Batman movie, and yet, the director chose to throw in some cornball, which totally ruined it for me. (Does this come in black? Can you drive stick? I gotta get me one of these. Ugh.)

    8. Giving up the secret identity. Come on. The whole point of creating the Batman character was to protect those he loved. Alfred even said it early in the movie.

    I could go on, but that’s enough. I didn’t like it, and I’m confused why it’s getting such high acclaim. But, that’s just me, and that’s just my opinion. Feel free to have your own.

  4. Batman begins; “I Didn’t see it”
    I did enjoy this movie because the director took the character more serious than that past 3 movies in this genre. This is the supposed to be the first inclination of Bruce Wayne becoming batman, I didn’t see it. Christian vial was good in his role, but he wasn’t given the role of a “young man” set on vengeance. The legend of “the Batman” was supposed to be feared, the crooks passing on stories about him gutting a man alive, etc…this movie wasn’t it. At this point Bruce Wayne’s life he had no time for a love interest and Christian vial didn’t ether, Unless Sir Tom Cruse himself is starring in the next batman is the only way that Katie Holmes get into the premiere. Tim Burton was weird, but he had a better vision on who and what batman was. Michel keaden had a more seductive role as Bruce than Christian Vail’s. If anything Vials being younger should be more extreme the Keadens, I didn’t see it.

  5. By the way, the guy plays scarecrow is Cillian Murphy, and yes he’s done some good job, if it wasnt a comic book film, he’d be a nominee i believe.. But we need some more screen time with him so i definetly want him back in the sequel…

  6. Having seen the two first batmans, batman forever and Batman and Robin ( the one that killed the franchise), Batman Begins did it right every step of the way. Gotham city was more believable, and the whole way in which they started off batman does the comic superhero justice, because now you see exactly how he got all the things he had. The was the one thing that had always been missing in all the movies, the part where you always think, where did he get all this stuff, and still not raise suspicion of who he is. The way they introduced Morgan Freeman (who by the way did an amazing job), and the fact that somebody other than Alfred had to know the true identity of Batman was entirely believable. The part I found funny was where Afred say that they needed to get 10000 of the head sets, so that they do not arouse suspicion, and bruce say that at least they would have extras.
    The way they go together to build a place which is nothing but a cave is believable.

    Coming to the Batmobile, it might look less sophisticated than the other ones, but this monster left every other Batmobile in a lot of dust.

    I loved every thing about the movie. If there was something that I did not like, then that was Katie Holmes’ acting. I felt that it was tacky and I don’t believe she was entirely comfortable with her character. Dump her, keep the rest,(especially Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine).

  7. Michael Keaton was a great Batman but Christian Bale totally owns the role now. I loved the fact that once he donned the mask and cape, Bruce Wayne was totally obliterated, he just becomes Batman.

    I loved that it was dark with certain moments of humor and tenderness. Katie Holmes wasn’t too bad except right at the end her facial tics started getting to me.

    Batman Begins far outweighed my expectations and I was expecting a lot from this movie.

  8. No, I guess it’s because of my poor typing skills that you misread me. But I loved Batman Begins with a passion and want to see a sequel so bad it’s driving me nuts!!! I forgot to add at the end of my last post that it sucked penis (i said this to be a smartass)because Katie Holmes was in it. So much for not mentioning her, ah. I’m a true American now, a hypocrite if you will. I can’t live with myself now. GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD.

    *puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger*

    FUCK BEANS!!!……….I missed……to bad huh…..oh well

  9. Mikelizard might have had more credibility with his assumption that people saying “Katie homes sucked” alone is making her famous, if he hadnt ended his eloquent post with poor typing skills and that lovely descriptive about how the best Batman film to date “sucks”.

    Just an observation.

  10. Why the hell is everyone ripping on Katie Holmes? Your making her get fame and power by ripping on her. It was okay and most of the time funny at first, now its just annoying.QUIT MENTIONING HER!!!! ANd BAtman Begins sucked penis it did it did.

  11. “the reason you fall, is to pick yourself up. and the batman franchise has done that. :)”

    my batman begins movie review: (it is a long one.)

  12. Very good, but then again we are comparing it against the other batman movies so there wasn’t much he had to do to better them.

    Saying that, if this movie had been released before all the other batman movie trash, it will still have been a great movie.

    What scarecrows drugs did to people. especially on how it makes batman look.
    The shaky camera fighting(think it fits in with this movie, where is the batman, is he behind me, is he on top of me, shaky shaky…)
    Bale as batman(he’s just on the right side of nasty).

    Moron next to me in cinema asking thick questions.
    Katie Holmes.

  13. I cannot wait for the sequel, I NEED IT NOW!!! We will probably see Scarecrow, the Joker, and possibly the return of Ras Al Ghul. But hopefully they won’t have him return. I’m looking forward to seeing the begining of Batmans most annoying foe, the Joker. The Joker is pivitul in all of Batmans adventures. The Joker is is a hitman, a genius, sick and twisted. But when an “accident” happens that makes him insane and a joker, that is what i want to see.

  14. I just saw Batman Begins last night and I am still reeling from this film. My God! What a movie. Intelligently written. Expertly directed. Excellent special effects. Characters were perfectly cast (including Katie Holms). I especially liked the guy who plays Scarecrow. I don’t know his name, but they couldn’t have found a better person to play Scarecrow in this movie. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman were all just excellent. And hats off to Christian Bale. I am soooo glad you were cast as Batman.

    Go see Batman Begins now. By far, one of the best comic to film adaptation ever made!

  15. That was by far the best batman movie, it made the old george clooney type of batman’s look like kids movie’s in which they mostly were. It was aslo more realistic. he didn’t have like 50,000 computers in his cave. He also did,nt have 3 airplanes and 30 sub’s in his cave either.
    Much better than the originals

  16. WOW! Just got in from seeing the movie and my mind is still reeling. I am completely blown away. This is hands down the BEST Batman movie! Hell, I liked it better than Star Wars. I can’t wait to see it again.

    It’s definitely a hard PG-13 - dark, violent and keeps you on the edge of your seat. One of the things I liked best is Batman was always shrouded by shadows and/or crouching. The cast was perfectly choosen (not counting Miss Holmes) and the story was told fluidly. You have to hand it to Gary Oldman - he really knows how to change his appearance to fit the character he’s portraying - man, he’s good!

    I could continue gushing, but I don’t want to accidentally give anything away. For anyone thinking of putting off seeing this - don’t - it’s worth the price of admission.

  17. I saw it earlier today. It was.. and I don’t say this often.. F*CKING BADASS. It is the perfect Batman movie. The only thing that I was really disappointed by was the Scarecrow, he was the coolest thing about the movie yet they barely show him.. Meh.

  18. Hmmmmmm…Batman Begins as the best Batman movie yet? I thought Tim Burton’s was the BEST Batman (the one with Joker in it) I have to see this one and then decide after.

  19. YAY! I’m so glad you liked it. I’m going to the theater tonight with my brother to watch it - I cannot wait!!!

  20. John, i agree with you on review of Batman, great cast, Christian Bale was unbelievable, and the story riveting. I also saw Mr and Mrs Smith, and though it was entertaining, i would give the nod to Batman Begins in terms of money’s worth. If you can Poodle, go see Batman at the IMAX at Paramount (if you are in Toronto), it’s a few bucks more, but the large screen is amazing.

  21. Hey Poodle.

    Well… as you can see I gave them both 8/10. However, I would give the nod to Batman Begins. But after that you really should get out to catch Mr. and Mrs. Smith too.


  22. Batman Begins the best Batman movieyet?… IT MUST BE Good.. I loved the first Batman.. Im going to stop typing right now and go see it.

  23. Okay, John, tell me which movie was better “Mr. and Mrs. Smith or the “Batman Return”? I plan on going to the theatre this weekend, and I want my money’s worth. Thanks for the advice.

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