X-Men 3 in Limbo

wolverine_small.jpgLike most of you, I’ve been hearing a lot of conflicting reports about the status of X-Men 3. Some people say it’s already in the works and some people say Director Brian Singer is off the project because of his involvement with the new Superman movie. Recently, Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly) was interviewed and gave some more insight:

“I had lunch with [‘X-Men’ director] Bryan Singer in Vancouver recently and he seems pretty busy. I know he wants to make ‘Logan’s Run’ and he’s directing ‘Superman’ now,” Davison told GLARE.

So where does that leave the third in the “X-Men” franchise? “I know they’re trying to put a script together for ‘X-Men 3,’ but no one knows how the story is going to evolve.” He’s also heard rumors that Halle Berry won’t come back as Storm because the part isn’t large enough. “I guess I could play Storm if all else fails,” he said. “I’d just have to get a wig.”

So you’re guess is as good as mine. Personally I’m still holding out hope that Singer gers back on board with the X films. Read the whole Chicago Sun-Times article here.

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2 thoughts on “X-Men 3 in Limbo

  1. I thought Joss Whedon was rumoured to take over the helm.

    “ComingSoon.net got a chance to talk to Joss Whedon about the rumors that he may be interested in taking on X-Men 3, now that Bryan Singer is out of the picture. Whedon says that nothing has been offered to him for “X3,” but if offered, he would LOVE to do the third film (hint, hint Fox!). On the comics side, Whedon is writing “Astonishing X-Men” right now for Marvel.

    Whedon has been an online fan favorite to replace Singer in the director’s chair. Singer is directing Warner Bros.’ new Superman adaptation instead. 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios still have X-Men 3 scheduled for a May 3, 2006 release date.”

    “I have not been offered [‚ÄúX-Men 3‚Äù],” said Whedon. ‚ÄúWould I like to make an X-Men movie? That‚Äôd be bitchin‚Äô. I actually really like those actors and I really like those characters and there‚Äôs a lot that could be done with it and it‚Äôd be a romp. But I‚Äôm not setting my sights on that, I’m setting my sights on exactly one thing, which is [Whedon‚Äôs feature directorial debut, ‚ÄúSerenity.‚Äù]
    “Serenity” wraps principal photography in about 10 days.
    Would the folks at Marvel like to hire Whedon? “Major Tom” sent in this snippet of an IGN Filmforce interview with Marvel Enterprises head Avi Arad from February:
    IGNFF: At one point, wasn’t Joss Whedon up for (Iron Man)?

    ARAD: Joss Whedon never wrote a draft of it. We wished! Believe me, we tried very hard, but he got busy with Firefly.

    IGNFF: Are there any hopes to tap him again at some point for another project?

    ARAD: Oh yeah! We’re going to land him‚Ķ He’s a tough cookie, but we’ll get him.”

    i so hope they do get him, he can probably give the x-men characters more depth.

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